Tuesday, December 30, 2008

diving in

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and not creating. I miss that. I've been doing stuff for the store-- it's moving this week!!-- I'll be posting some things to the Quilter's Friend blog later today.

When I am overwhelmed, what I need to do is dive into some creating. Just haven't had the time when I am not exhausted! Exhausted Creating is not always Good Creating. Maybe I should do one of those splashy paintings that doesn't matter. Or spin art. Or run some things through the Cuttlebug.


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just a crafty grandma experimenting with all sorts of things. My main interests are paper craft of any kind and quilting/sewing. But I've done leatherwork, polymer clay, on-the-wheel pottery, painted molded ceramics, papier mache, stained glass, plaster casting, linoleum printing, paper making... you name it, I've probably tried it. A few I actually stuck with. :)