Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The King Fire 2014

not my picture. Photog unknown

I see faces in the flames
creepy, demonic ones
like a lion
seeking whom he may devour 

Even in the shape of the fire
there always seems to be a demon
at those who try to stop it.

I know I need not fear
The Lord is with me
still I quiver
in the face of such evil...

And yet.
God uses fire to describe Himself
Apart from the evil. 

Wind.... rain... fire...
 both evil and good 
two ends of the spectrum. 

 I  see more 
than just the evil 
here in this mocking fire...
because I know
that GOD
will eventually be
the VICTOR. 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

September begins

September already. New photo challenge--will add them as I take them.

 Morning - a picture that is taken in the morning, like you in the mirror when you first get up! Or not!
My dad in the morning. Taken with my phone on "sepia" which I wasn't trying to do. But I liked the way it turned out.

"S" for September - anything that starts with the letter, 'S.'
sedum. And no I have no idea what variety. I used this same sedum once before when it was full of water. I liked that one a lot better. But this one's interesting too.
Sad, smoky sunset... and a reflection in the water running down the street during a drought. In Placerville, lawns are not being watered, everything is brown and tinder-dry. In Lodi, people are still watering with abandon although we have been told to conserve. However, posting this reminded me that there was a hose trickling on the lawn this evening, so better go check and see if I'm being a hypocrite.

Inside out (color-wise) cactus SPINES

right side out cactus spines.

Reflection - we've done this before and it's time to revisit it.
Over My Head - everything from Combinatorics (high math) to the moon and stars.
over my head. This was a surprise. The outside of the tree is dead and brown. It was a shock to see the inside so green. Gave me some hope that the tree might live through this dry, dry spell.   This tree is at Gold Country in Placerville.

this was over my head. But on the window. He begged me to take his picture.

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