Saturday, October 9, 2010

card set

Made a card set today. Got the template for the box from Gina K Designs.... find it here.
Her idea was for pictures until you get them ready for scrapbooking. I like that idea too-- but have been trying to figure out what to do to sell sets of cards. The cards inside all have the same colors and graphics, although they are slightly different. It is an image painted with perfect pearls. The scalloped square is made with nestabilities.
I got a Martha Stewart scoring board. Although I liked the Scor-pal and Scor-buddy, I liked the way this one was grooved every 1/8 inch instead of somewhat randomly. This box was simple with Gina's instructions and Martha's board... only took me a couple minutes. And doing the cards assembly line style made them go quickly. I usually only do ONE card at a time and rarely do two the same, but I figured for a set it might be nice to do them the same. Although, each card layout is slightly different! Can't stand not doing "unique" stuff.
I have some transparency sheets that I am going to try to make a box with. I am thinking that for card sets it would be easier than decorating each one. Who knows where I am going with this...

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