art journaling...

this is not totally "done".... but the thing I like about art journaling, you can go back and add whatever you want.

Traci Bunkers ...
Never thought much about an "art journal" until I read about it on Traci Bunkers' site. I love the idea.
 Sharpie Ghosting..... with Leslie Herger
unbelievable therapeutic
the kind of doodling I like. Reminds me, in fact, of the stuff I used to do. Much fancier

Valerie Sjodin ...
I have yet to copy anything of Valerie's, but I think it is beautiful. Not planning on copying her, of course, but I love the A to Z idea, and also journals like her gratitude journal...

Karen Hill
She's inspirational because she likes to try everything too.


Stencils  As if I don't have enough. But... stenciling is so fun.

Stamps    I happen to love Michael Strong stamps, and GinaK Designs. I think I have enough, but there's always That One More. Especially Michael's stamps, until a couple years ago I had them all. I especially love Melanie Muenchinger's designs. Tim Holtz is also a favorite.

Lately I have just been trying to use what I have. Once in awhile I get something new-- I like to try new stuff.

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just a crafty grandma experimenting with all sorts of things. My main interests are paper craft of any kind and quilting/sewing. But I've done leatherwork, polymer clay, on-the-wheel pottery, painted molded ceramics, papier mache, stained glass, plaster casting, linoleum printing, paper making... you name it, I've probably tried it. A few I actually stuck with. :)