Friday, December 26, 2014

Learning things you never thought would happen...

Learned something  today. The older American Girl dolls are chubbier than the newer ones. So.... no wonder I had trouble getting the jeans to fit. Now I have to find out what doll Kaleigh has. And if I am going to continue to sew for American Girls, should I get another? I of course don't want to spend $$ on one. So if Goodwill gets one in, I'm ready. LOL

I'm a bid sad about that. The originals were shaped like real girls are shaped. I haven't seen a new one to compare, but it is sad that they thought they better skinny them up. Mine is getting loose jointed so may end up going to a doll hospital.

I actually bought a pattern online today. Mostly I have made do with the free ones. Now I find out (because it is a good pattern and says that it is made for the newer dolls) that my poor girl is chubby. I don't think it will make much difference.

The pattern I got was from craftsy. The Juliette Dress

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Working on some American Girl Doll clothes for Kaleigh. I don't have a grand daughter of my own yet, so Suzie graciously offered to loan me her daughter! Since I've been sick I haven't done much, but I did finish a scarf and hat set while traveling to Disneyland. Here's my Molly modeling them.

I did not plan the way the variegated yarn striped. I LOVE it but probably could never duplicate it! I still have a bit of that yarn so might try again. The hat could stand to be a few stitches larger but I think it's really cute.

Kaleigh isn't getting her package until after Christmas unfortunately since that's in two days. I hope to have a few things done tonight.

Christmas Day.... turned out to kind of be wacky, because Kerry is still sick. We went to Jay's but only stayed an hour or so before coming home so he could go to bed. Which left me alone for the evening, again. Sigh. HOWEVER.... finished the jeans, cut out the vest. I love the detail on the jeans. Yes the stitching isn't perfect. Yours wouldn't be either if you were making a less-than-two-inch pocket.

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