Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucky Lucy

Welll.... I am side tracked from Barbies. I found this Beanie Baby doll, and with some research, found out she's Lucky Lucy. She is not in mint condition, part of her clothes are missing! So the first thing I made for her is a crocheted dress. She did have her red top and pants... here's what she's supposed to look like (right):

It is obvious that her clothes are not designed to be taken off and put on easily. Her pants rode down and kept coming off her bottom, so maybe they were fastened on securely at one time. My Lucy has no jacket or hat. I am going to add some snaps to the pants so she can be dressed more easily, since I want her to be actually played with! Her shoes are fastened on, so at least they are not lost.  The first thing I did was make her a dress. We were on vacation so with all that driving I had plenty of time to crochet. Now, we all know that a doll is just a doll, has no personality, and no feelings. But doesn't she look more relaxed, and more loved, already? :)  I also made a jacket for her. It's a lot of  yellow, but that's her (my) favorite color, and besides I found this big ball of unknown fiber in the thrift store (I love thrift stores... too much I suppose)... the ball is not very much smaller, even with a dress and jacket. 

UPDATE, February 2016..... I have now acquired two more Beanie Boppers.

Snazzy Sabrina I found at the thrift store. She was only a few dollars so she slid right into the basket of the shopping cart.

The latest is Paula Plappertasche.   She's a cutie. Her jacket was damaged, but I could make another if I get the itch to do so.
Here are the three girls in their basket. Lucy is wearing a dress and hat I found at the thrift store. They are soft cuddly cuties and I hope to have some fun sewing for them and finding some little girl who will love them. So do I save them for possible granddaughters or find another cutie or cuties? Time will tell and I will know what to do. Meantime, I will enjoy seeing their cute faces in my collection.

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