it is about the process... and finishing!

 For some of us, it is about the finished project... then it's easy to finish them. For me, it is the process that gives me satisfaction, so I've learned that 1) it's okay to have more than one project going; however...   2) pick smaller projects for the most part so I can finish in one sitting. That's one of the reasons I like to make cards. I finish them quickly.

So here's a list of the in process things... it will morph, and you will notice that there are finished things. That's for my own self-- I need to know that I finish stuff and don't always just start and abandon projects. :) There is a satisfaction to finishing; it just is not really strong in me. When I make a list, then I can see that I am indeed making progress. This is not every project that I have ever dreamed up, just the ones that I really want to finish (or start!) and their status.  I have made a quilt or blanket for each grandchild!!! And nobody is currently "on the way" although I started one... for the one that didn't get to be born... will finish it any way and donate it somewhere. Babies need blankies!


Olivia's quilt
Ashton's quilt
Wyatt's quilt
Joel's quilt   cut out and partly pieced
James' quilt   fabric purchased and pattern decided upon
Chandra's wall hanging    pattern decided upon; planning on using stash fabrics primarily
Gwen's purse    pattern decided upon, fabrics gathered from stash, partly cut out (6/15)
John's wall hanging (partly cut out 6/15)
Paul and Melissa's quilt
Ian and Chandra's quilt

knit and crochet

short row shawlette
diagonal knitted afghan
hat (variegated)
infinity scarf, unforgettable yarn
infinity scarf, caron party yarn
infinity scarf for Liv  YAY! crocheted in the car today 6/25/15 while stuck in traffic.

Distractor projects. These are ones I start specifically for when I am in the car or forced to wait somewhere....
Made another infinity scarf with cotton yarn, 
a big potholder with variegated cotton yarn. 
started a granny afghan when my mom was in the hospital July 15
Unfinished Projects
blue socks (need to finish the body of the socks, have the ribbing done on both)
tweedy socks (one sock is finished, the other not started)

*found* some yarn I forgot I even bought. The receipt in the bag says 2007... sigh. Anyway it is now discontinued. But there is a pattern on the label that says you can do a pair of socks with only one skein.... so here it is now on the list. I have a bunch of yarn in my stash and I am not going to list something for each one but this one needs to be acknowledged. It isn't high on the list. It is the kind of thing I am going to have to really concentrate on so it won't be good for in the car. But it will be very fun to do. I have been reading about sock making and doing two at once (different needles of course) then I won't end up with an orphan sock.
I see that I am picking up new projects instead of totally finishing the UFOs... my excuse seems to be, I can't find the sock instructions... I better get to lookin'.

 scrapbook pages

LOTS are finished, but there are still MANY to do... probably will never finish all the pictures I want to scrap. :)  I helped my father get started with scrapbooking and he did a wonderful job. He and I both prefer a simple style. See his work: Dad's Garden Book

Grandpa's Garden
Ian and Chandra's wedding
Paul's wedding
book for Grandpa
Liv graduation
Joel graduation
James graduation
Paul graduation
Mills genealogy book  finished... however, things keep getting added to it.
Dunnihoo vintage picture album   in process

PROCESS... techniques I want to try

stamp carving.... years ago I did linoleum block printing. I really enjoyed it... and I ran across this tutorial for carving stamps... (2014, did it! I liked it)

and Traci Bunkers has a 30 days of carving on her blog...

now where did I put those tools.....:)

some interesting flowers that look like they would come in handy sometime....

crocheted flowers... I used to make these too... you know I forgot a lot of stuff. ;)

might even combine the two, paper ones with crocheted center... hmm... love new ideas.

and then there are stencils... here are some great ones at good prices.... wish list time.... end of March!!

So many new things I want to try.

Pop up cards:

and a video about making frames-- good reminder of a skill I already have, and more things to do with the skill...

March 29, 2011 Some new things to play with....

April 2, 2011 I've been playing with all these.things... the carving tools...

the little book of drawing...

 and another fun from coffee filters...

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