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...just a crafty lady trying to figure out life. I've been creating for a long time, ever since I was little. I made lots of doll clothes with my grandma and my mother. I learned how to sew on a treadle machine! I guess my mom thought it was safer, but I still sewed my finger.

I don't remember when I learned to knit and crochet. I always love to try new stuff. I took classes on pattern drafting, but haven't done much with it. One of the things I loved to do as a teenager was making patterns in color with my knitting. I used to be more adventurous, but for many years all I have done is hats, with the occasional afghan. Recently I started knitting in miniature, which won't last long I don't think. but the sweater for Barbie turned out cute, and I have another one started. I enjoy those looms too, especially for long car trips. I am part way through some crocheted socks. I love the first pair I did. And washcloths. Knitted and crocheted...
I went through a needlepoint phase, but ended up asking my mom to finish the project. She was always great at finishing stuff. She also finished a sweater and a shawl for me! Crewel embroidery... I am especially proud of the poplar trees one-- it took me five years to finish-- but I had two babies in the process, so I think I did pretty well.  Embroidery... There was a rooster I did as a child. My grandma was horrified at the back of it. Haven't done much of that since, LOL...except a LOT of little stuff. It was popular for awhile to embroider those blue shirts-- made several of those. I've done leather work, bead work and jewelry making, polymer clay, wood and soap carving, furniture refinishing,... I even tried to learn to tat. Since nobody I knew tatted, didn't have anyone to ask for help. Oh well. Can't do everything.
Collections!! There's a rock collection somewhere that was started when I was very small. My mom says I always gathered rocks wherever I went. Seashells... lovely. Fabric... well I worked at a fabric store in my twenties, and a quilt shop in my fifties... heavenly!!! For awhile, taught craft classes to junior high kids...so I collected lots of things to recycle into projects.

(2015) My mother in law died, inherited some crafty stuff from her. My sis in law had to move to a facility... got more from her. LOTS of embroidery floss, even after I gave a lot away!

What a meandering post!!! That's me, I just meander through life, gathering and creating. Not a bad thing. :)

This is a vacation journal I did in 2012. Vacation Journal 2012   It says "part two" but have no idea where "part one" is. Will upload when located.

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just a crafty grandma experimenting with all sorts of things. My main interests are paper craft of any kind and quilting/sewing. But I've done leatherwork, polymer clay, on-the-wheel pottery, painted molded ceramics, papier mache, stained glass, plaster casting, linoleum printing, paper making... you name it, I've probably tried it. A few I actually stuck with. :)