Thursday, July 9, 2015

Being Orderly....

Haven't been creating, but working hard at Being Orderly. I've found some things I forgot all about and now are put somewhere they can be used, or put in the Out Pile. Or the garbage.

It's hard to just Throw Away, because I just might be able to use that for something. But I've come to the point, I've been able to be realistic about whether I  can really use it, or if I will, or if I could easily replace it if I let it go. It's been hard but I'm making good progress. Not ready to take pictures yet, but I am hopeful that I will get to that place.

Since I have two new little grandchildren coming by the end of the year, there are more blankets to be made. Initially I planned to make one quilt per grandchild. But everybody has gotten so many! I did make one for each of the first seven. For the last three, I made blankets, but easy ones. M. got a fleece blanket with fringe and dogs on it. J and J both got flannel ones. This next one is also going to get some flannel ones, C and L both liked them a lot. So good. The last one of the year is a GIRL!! My Other Daughter is in the process of adopting a girl too, so it will be good to have a couple of girls close to the same age in the family. And they both live in the same city!

And so tonight I count my blessings, Thankful for the ten sweet blessings that are here, remembering the ones we didn't get to keep (four miscarriages and one failed adoption), looking forward to the unborn ones.  Praying for them all.

This blog started as a place to just put pictures of what I'm doing. Well lately I haven't been doing a lot, but still feel the need to say something. I'll get back to the creating soon. :)  Being Orderly is really helping me get the inspiration spark going again.

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