Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fluttering Flitting Flying

I've been struggling with depression in a major way. So. I came across Determined to Shine, which was started by Allyson Bright a few years after the death of her husband by suicide. Read and hear  her story here. Determined to Shine

I'm not young anymore, on the outside. But I am on the inside. I have a LOT to learn. Allyson is about the age of my daughter! But she's gained a lot of wisdom along the way.

I don't want to say a lot about the classes, read about them on her website (link above) There are several classes so far, Be Your Own Inspiration, 30 days of Journal Prompts, and the brand-new Coloring Made Meaningful.

One of the things in the main class was making a gratitude journal. I scrambled some of her ideas and some of my own. I had purchased a Happy Planner (another story!!!) and ordered the small disks by mistake. So I made a little gratitude journal with 6 x 6 paper.  I am LOVING it and have plans for more for the rest of the year.

the cover. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for

One day I just couldn't think about ANYTHING to be thankful for. Then it dawned on me how much I appreciate having seasons.

My fourth child's birthday was last week. I am VERY thankful for him!

I found this quote online. It says it all. Even on those days when all I see is dark depression, I sure have stuff to be thankful for.

And there's always Winnie the Pooh. ❤

So I have some more 6x6 paper on order.I see that I'll fill up winter before winter is over, since we've not exactly really begun. I just decided to start Christmas early this year. I need all the encouragement I can get. 

Another thing I found for journal prompts was "The Ungame" at the thrift store. I'm getting a good collection of stuff. And used some already. 
AND... while shopping for a coloring book, I found this. I've colored several so far and included one in a birthday card already. 

I am now rich in supplies for creating. Several new coloring books, gel pens, and markers. I've made a few background pages, and hope to get out my gelli plate one of these days too. I also found a journal that needs some decoupage on the cover. So there are no excuses to stop being creative. 

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