Monday, September 29, 2008

bananas, anyone?

Finally done with this. I don't want to mention names, but the fusible stuff I used for this is NOT what I would recommend. The pattern said "advanced" but would have been "easy" using my old favorite Wonder Under.

I had great fun once I got the leaves fused. I had sewed all the borders on before I appliqued. I raw edge appliqued because I think the leaves look more leafy, LOL!

Anyway, now it's hanging above the bed, and it told me I need to paint the walls. Oh, and those drapes don't match either, and what about a quilt for the bed?


Monday, September 22, 2008

watermarks that aren't...

I got done with the banana tree wall hanging so I've been making cards like crazy. It seems I have to be doing something, so I kind of take turns.

I got inspired with Angie's "best wishes" card with tractors on it:

scroll down a bit to see it; enjoy the other cards on the way!!

Anyway, I remembered that a long time ago I made backgrounds with Print Shop. So I did some more. I then embellished with various stuff-- cuttlekids dies, pccrafter graphics, cuttlebug hearts. I've printed more than I have finished. I'll add them to my cards album.
I'm feeling dull and uninteresting at the moment. Creating always helps.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

exploring; getting inspired

Today I made a bunch of cards. The inspiration was my mother in law's birthday. She's 93 and I never know what to do for her. She sends out lots of cards so I give her a pile from time to time.

I also spent some time browsing in Picasa. I searched for greeting cards and found a couple sites I really like. I added them to my blog roll thingy.

The first cards were odd and I didn't add them to the album, but most of them have been added. The sunflower ones were inspired by a sunflower challenge that I should have mailed out awhile ago. I love the colors. It is getting back to printing with leaves. A couple years ago I went crazy with that. Beautiful stuff.

That's all I get to do today. TWO birthday parties today! I made a purse for a 2 year old but forgot about taking its picture so I'll have to do another. LOL there are always little girls who want purses.

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