Wednesday, December 14, 2016

a number of things....

Right now, I have a number of things going. I'm doing "Be your own Inspiration", "30 days of Art Journaling"and "Coloring Made Meaningful" With Allyson Bright's "Determined to Shine." program.
Because of that, I enrolled in Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Emporium, and plan on being there for maybe three months tops... her art is not exactly my style, but I'm learning. I got several art journaling books, and am planning to go through them one at a time. The first is The Confident Creative by Cat Bennett. It isn't exactly a journaling book, it's a Creativity book. Drawing in particular. I've always wanted to draw but never felt "good enough" but I just might be breaking through somehow. I guess it's about time.
The second book is 101 Mixed Media Techniques by Walter Foster publishing-- there are several authors. I haven't started this one yet.  The third one is something called Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. It looks like it will have tons of practical information.
The last one is The Art of Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharp. Lots of ideas for different fonts based on MY handwriting (or YOURS if you are going through it)

I'm also still working in my gratitude journal. I try to do a page every day or so, but I haven't been strict with myself. I am loving it.

I am also doing a challenge with my daughter, a Christmas 31 day scripture writing plan. Every day there are about 10 minutes of writing, so it's pretty do-able. I'm using it to practice lettering and good readable handwriting. I've also been doing some illustrations and/or stickers on some of the pages. I think it will be a great one to keep with my Christmas stuff and go through another time.

So is that all? I have also collected some coloring books. I love that they are doing this at the moment. The fad won't last forever, but that's okay, I probably have a few years' supply by now. Many from the Dollar Tree lately, because of Christmas.

So there you are.
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