Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sidetracked by Sciatica

I had such big plans. But somehow there is ALWAYS a roadblock or roadblocks. And now it is the 20th already and I don't have done what needs to be done and must go to Plan B.

Instead of sewing, I've been visiting the chiropractor and sitting on a heating pad. :(

Sunday, November 25, 2012

here kitty kitty

Finished my daughter in law's wall hanging. :)  Since we decided not to exchange Christmas gifts, I gave it to her for a Hostess gift. It was a Laurel Burch panel I got several years ago with her in mind but never did anything with it. I had found some black fabric with sparkly snowflake-ish patches. It turned out beautifully. I sure hope she loves it. I love the sentiments on it, a Bounty of Bliss and Blessings, a Treasure Trove of Treats, A Season of Songs and Savories, and Many Moments of Magic Making.

Next up: Liv and Jonathan's Just Because gift. :)

I also added some cards to the "made by me" album to the right.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Molly is an American Girl doll that I found at Salvation army for about $5.00. My daughter always wanted an American Girl, but I could never justify $100-$150 for a doll. Too late now for her... but I bought Molly anyway, because... well, because. That was several years ago, and I made her some tights, and that's all.
I was talking with a co worker and mentioned making doll clothes, and she wanted me to make some American Girl clothes for her. So I did. Pajamas, and a blanket, and a pillow.

Wish the colors showed up more, but this is just a phone shot. The fabric was a little scrap, it's apples that look appliqued. I just embroidered it a little more and it actually looks appliqued.

The pink (also the backing) is a piece of old curtain, and the binding was also a scrap. Found the batting in a bag in my mother in law's closet. It always makes me feel good to make something out of nothing. And the binding isn't perfect, and the border pulled a little when I sewed it, and it isn't perfectly rectangular. OH WELL.

The jammies are from an abandoned nightgown project that was also in the closet with the batting, and I wondered why it was abandoned. As I sewed with the fabric I knew why! It can't be pressed, it is a wrinkled-on-purpose fabric, and loosely woven, and slippery. But I persevered, and although it was a little frustrating somehow that makes the victory of completion sweeter.

Molly is enjoying them, even though she knows they are not hers, she is proudly modeling them, and even took a little nap. Doesn't she look comfy?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sewing Block...

WELL... I did finish a quilt top, and modify Lucy's pants. I found an outfit designed for the Beanie Baby Kids at a thrift store, and modified THAT so it can be taken off and put on easily. I think that line of toys would have been very successful except for the taking-on-and-off clothes issue.

I don't really understand why I am so reluctant to sew. There is no danger of the cat eating thread, she doesn't live in the same house as my sewing machine. I'm just doing it for self/family, so it isn't Perfection rearing its ugly head. Big Sigh. Lord, help me figure this out so I can Get On With It.

Most of my crafty time in the last six months has been spent organizing. I took over my mother in law's bedroom (since she has been moved to an Alzheimer's facility-- read about THAT adventure on my other blog.

I found an old shoe rack at a thrift store, and found containers at the Dollar Tree to fit on it. I started sorting my scraps into the containers and oh it is going to be so easy to grab them for my paper piecing projects. I love paper/foundation piecing!! The best site for patterns is Paper Panache. Her patterns are clear and detailed. Easy to Challenging.

Of course, when I saw her Nativity wall hanging I just HAD to do it. I had High Expectations of finishing for Christmas but here it is, November, and it isn't done. :(  BUT I will Carry On and hope for the best. I know that my expectations for myself are setting me up for failure, but I refuse to take that on, and will be happy with whatever I accomplish. I can see that the Doing will be a prayerful tribute as I work through the days. I am looking forward to the process.

Another thing in my plans is to set up her garage for furniture refinishing. I have some chairs that desperately need to be done. I love the look of bare wood, but might have to paint these two. We will see. I have six of them all together, and four of them have been refinished.. My parents originally had all six, and my mom antiqued them this mossy green color with dark glaze. Not my favorite color but they looked good with the table. Eventually my mom gave me two, and my brother two. She stripped her two and re upholstered the seat and back and they looked great, so I did MY two. My brother put his out in his garage for ten years or so. I asked about them, he said NO. But when he moved to Washington, he left them behind. :) They originally came from the shoe department of the Montgomery Wards store in Stockton, California. They are really sturdy. The wood used isn't consistent, they were painted. So some of them have arms that don't even match! But I love them because my six foot seven son can sit in them without worrying about them breaking, and they are just cozy and comfy to sit in.

So although I really miss my old place, I am carving out some crafty space, and have Big Plans for a spring garden. One day at a time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucky Lucy

Welll.... I am side tracked from Barbies. I found this Beanie Baby doll, and with some research, found out she's Lucky Lucy. She is not in mint condition, part of her clothes are missing! So the first thing I made for her is a crocheted dress. She did have her red top and pants... here's what she's supposed to look like (right):

It is obvious that her clothes are not designed to be taken off and put on easily. Her pants rode down and kept coming off her bottom, so maybe they were fastened on securely at one time. My Lucy has no jacket or hat. I am going to add some snaps to the pants so she can be dressed more easily, since I want her to be actually played with! Her shoes are fastened on, so at least they are not lost.  The first thing I did was make her a dress. We were on vacation so with all that driving I had plenty of time to crochet. Now, we all know that a doll is just a doll, has no personality, and no feelings. But doesn't she look more relaxed, and more loved, already? :)  I also made a jacket for her. It's a lot of  yellow, but that's her (my) favorite color, and besides I found this big ball of unknown fiber in the thrift store (I love thrift stores... too much I suppose)... the ball is not very much smaller, even with a dress and jacket. 

UPDATE, February 2016..... I have now acquired two more Beanie Boppers.

Snazzy Sabrina I found at the thrift store. She was only a few dollars so she slid right into the basket of the shopping cart.

The latest is Paula Plappertasche.   She's a cutie. Her jacket was damaged, but I could make another if I get the itch to do so.
Here are the three girls in their basket. Lucy is wearing a dress and hat I found at the thrift store. They are soft cuddly cuties and I hope to have some fun sewing for them and finding some little girl who will love them. So do I save them for possible granddaughters or find another cutie or cuties? Time will tell and I will know what to do. Meantime, I will enjoy seeing their cute faces in my collection.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still a little girl

dolls and such...
Well I have always loved dolls. Not so much for playing with them, but I did some of that, but of making clothes and furniture for them. I guess I am still a little girl.

My mom used to knit sweaters for my dolls. This is the first one I did. Now that I've done this, I want to do more. :) I got some gold sparkly crochet thread and next time I go to my mom's I'll do it... because we end up sitting around talking, and I can't stand not to have my hands busy.

I got some Only Hearts Club dolls. Three of them.... Olivia Hope, Karina Grace, and Lily Rose. Olivia and Karina because of their names, my daughter Olivia Grace. Lily Rose because she is strawberry brown with freckles. I wanted to get them more shoes, and found them here. Intricate little shoes. It will be fun to make them each a little wardrobe. You can get little sleeping bags and such for them, but I have some fleece scraps which will do nicely.

I found out that their bodies are similar in size to the Blythe dolls, which I don't like because of their oversize heads, but I may be able to make some more clothes for them, I downloaded some free patterns,  Will see if they work.

Now we will see if the Idea Girl will finish what she started.

I sure go off in other directions easily. Here's what I did.... I just did the blue one, fitting it on the doll as I went. So I wrote down what I did, and then did the gold one, and changed it a bit for the green one. Trying to decide if people would like the pattern enough to buy it? Don't even know how to go about it...

And then there are the fabric clothes I have made. The recipient loved them :)

 July 11th

Saw this pretty soft yarn and thought about making a doll jacket with it. The first thing I did was make a shrug. Easy. ch 30, sc in back loops for six rows. Sew together at the ends for sleeves. It's hard to get on her, because of her fingers. I just put my fingers in the sleeves while easing it on her. Looks good. Not for the littlest Barbie lovers though.

Found a scrap of blue flowered that I will make a dress from. As soon as I get the living room clean.... <3 p="">

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barbie's new dress

Barbie has a new dress...
Quick and easy. I can see this is going to be extremely versatile, long skirt, slim skirt, straps, cap sleeves... this one is for a little sweetie's birthday party tomorrow. Doll Not Included. I got her a couple commercial outfits, because I just didn't know how much sewing I would get to do. And glad I did-- this one is all I had time for! This blog has some other ideas I am going to try as well.

Sewing has been frustrating with the loss of my machine cord. It is going to cost at least $80 to replace. So I bought a teensy Dritz machine for $19.95 at Walmart. So far have patched two pairs of pants and made this dress. It isn't heavy duty of course but I think it will be fine for little stuff. It is battery operated...
 I like the way the dress turned out, and have some other fabric scraps to use. This is from a fat quarter, it uses just 5 inches of the fat quarter so I could make a few from the fat quarter. 

So a satisfying time making her dress! I got a few other pieces to make others, so I guess MY Barbie collection will be well dressed, unless I give more away...

There's a great tutorial for this dress here:

I did it a bit differently because I wanted the top lined. Turned out great! See what else I've been up to with dolls here...

Monday, April 16, 2012

flowery delight

Well Dave's Photography Challenge this month is flowers. I don't have time to edit them and submit them so am just putting them here since I want to. LOL

First the obvious lovelies...

Grandma's yard has TONS of poppies this year. I am really enjoying them.
Roses are always a favorite both to grow and to photograph... and this is one of my favorite roses.
And then there are the ones that we usually miss...

while out pulling weeds, I saw this... and remembered Dave's challenge. There was a ladybug crawling around but when I tried, it got away too fast. Didn't want to bug the bug, LOL 
I love the color of this one. Soft peach. Too bad it is a weed in the garden. Maybe I will just leave it there...

Saturday, January 28, 2012


trying to make a purse. I know it will be cute. But I am getting hung up on making it... Sometimes I think that using a pattern and someone else's idea is best because then it doesn't involve making decisions, you just go with whatever "they" say.
This is a really simple pattern that I designed years ago, when I was making tapestry purses. It was flat, with a rope handle. Silky rope. Lovely. And fringe on the edge.
So I am trying to adapt it to a little girl's quilted purse. I think I am overthinking. Put a gusset? Sew it flat? What kind of handle? How will I fasten on the handle? Should I use D rings so it will be adjustable or just guess?

Sigh. Too many decisions. But I HAVE TO GET IT DONE because the 9 year old's party is TOMORROW and I can't procrastinate any longer.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It may not seem like much of a milestone... take two pieces of fleece, put together right sides together, sew around, leaving a hole for turning, turn it right side out, sew opening together by hand, topstitch all around... but it was the first time I allowed myself to sew since the Cat Incident. Sad but true. But the Fear has been Conquered... and ALL THE THREAD was picked up, and poor kitty spent the time in the back hallway since I can't trust her not to eat thread.
It's not a keepsake blanket. It is designed to be used... carried around by the corner and dragged in the dirt. Washed a lot. Eventually tossed in the garbage.
It's designed to be LOVED!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

no sewing. grr..

well no sewing got done. Planning for tomorrow. Hoping for tomorrow. Praying. Did take down the tree and put it outside. Was exhausted by the time I finished.  This looks like a tiny tree but it really is in the background. I love the lights and am glad I took lots of pictures.


(goalie) goalkeeper: the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal.

I seem to have goalies too. Things that keep me from reaching my goals. Such as... silly excuses. I haven't been able to find my sewing machine cord. So I brought over my mother in law's machine so I could work.

Nada. Nothing done.   ???????  what's up with that??

What are the goalies here.... computer, definitely. I end up on facebook, playing games, or blogging, LOL, but not sewing. Even good stuff, like cleaning. Baking. Cooking. Getting the Kitchen Cleaned. All good, all necessary. But WHAT ABOUT SEWING?

Thinking I am going to have to be tricky to outsmart all the goalies. It can even be persimmon bread.... it's calling me. Why do I have such resistance to sewing? I'm afraid of leaving just one little thread that the cat would eat and then it would be disaster again. But there is such a thing as a door.... to put the cat on the other side of. Also, I have a vacuum cleaner, that would clean up any residue. Still, I hesitate. But how is Gwen going to get her purse by her birthday if it doesn't get done??

Oh, kitty....... Just like a lot of things in life (cars, for instance, which have spent lots of $$$ in the shop lately) there is a love-hate thing going on with the cat. It is so lovely (sadly, so rare) to sit with a warm kitty in my lap. This one will turn on you if you don't pet her Properly and it isn't always clear what that is.

Back to the sewing. Since I am writing this down, I expect myself to at least get SOME of it done within the next hour. At the very least, get it all ready and cut out and gathered. so........ timer set. GO!!!

And watch out, you goalies..

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