Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sewing Block...

WELL... I did finish a quilt top, and modify Lucy's pants. I found an outfit designed for the Beanie Baby Kids at a thrift store, and modified THAT so it can be taken off and put on easily. I think that line of toys would have been very successful except for the taking-on-and-off clothes issue.

I don't really understand why I am so reluctant to sew. There is no danger of the cat eating thread, she doesn't live in the same house as my sewing machine. I'm just doing it for self/family, so it isn't Perfection rearing its ugly head. Big Sigh. Lord, help me figure this out so I can Get On With It.

Most of my crafty time in the last six months has been spent organizing. I took over my mother in law's bedroom (since she has been moved to an Alzheimer's facility-- read about THAT adventure on my other blog.

I found an old shoe rack at a thrift store, and found containers at the Dollar Tree to fit on it. I started sorting my scraps into the containers and oh it is going to be so easy to grab them for my paper piecing projects. I love paper/foundation piecing!! The best site for patterns is Paper Panache. Her patterns are clear and detailed. Easy to Challenging.

Of course, when I saw her Nativity wall hanging I just HAD to do it. I had High Expectations of finishing for Christmas but here it is, November, and it isn't done. :(  BUT I will Carry On and hope for the best. I know that my expectations for myself are setting me up for failure, but I refuse to take that on, and will be happy with whatever I accomplish. I can see that the Doing will be a prayerful tribute as I work through the days. I am looking forward to the process.

Another thing in my plans is to set up her garage for furniture refinishing. I have some chairs that desperately need to be done. I love the look of bare wood, but might have to paint these two. We will see. I have six of them all together, and four of them have been refinished.. My parents originally had all six, and my mom antiqued them this mossy green color with dark glaze. Not my favorite color but they looked good with the table. Eventually my mom gave me two, and my brother two. She stripped her two and re upholstered the seat and back and they looked great, so I did MY two. My brother put his out in his garage for ten years or so. I asked about them, he said NO. But when he moved to Washington, he left them behind. :) They originally came from the shoe department of the Montgomery Wards store in Stockton, California. They are really sturdy. The wood used isn't consistent, they were painted. So some of them have arms that don't even match! But I love them because my six foot seven son can sit in them without worrying about them breaking, and they are just cozy and comfy to sit in.

So although I really miss my old place, I am carving out some crafty space, and have Big Plans for a spring garden. One day at a time.

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