Friday, April 9, 2010

catching up

(my poor kitty after surgery...)
It's been awhile since I even thought about this blog. Lots of things going on other than making things!

This morning I found a site that I think will be really useful... it's called The Stitching Cow. It's based in Australia, but it is epatterns so it might not matter. I haven't tried to order anything yet but am enjoying the ideas and may get brave enough to try ordering. There's a link to a currency converter so it's a maybe. I love the stuff though. I've had fun browsing, and I got the free stitchery pattern for a mini quilt, so there you go.

I'm making good progress finding my dining room table. When I am stressed I clutter worse. So I am playing catch up now. I used to just get mad at myself but lately I've been just telling myself, stop beating yourself up, and just clean up after yourself now. LOL... My reward of course for having the area all cleaned up and no clutter is making that mini quilt!! It will be good to sew again. I've been reluctant because the last time I sewed the kitty ate thread and ended up in the hospital so I am going to have to be SUPER TIDY with my thread. It makes me nervous even to think about. Now that summer is approaching and she will be spending more outside time, I think I can have my machine set up, throw her out the door, SEW for a couple hours and clean up before she gets back. And vacuum a LOT. I won't really throw her, she bounds out quite nicely all by herself. ;)

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