Doll Collection

The Advantage of a Multi Size Doll Collection is that if something you bought or made doesn't fit one, you can probably find another to fit it... (me)

The honor of First Picture goes to my daughter's doll Lucy. She is a Fisher Price Baby Soft Sounds from 1979. She's in my collection for now, but hopefully be given back to my daughter someday. I am in the process of trying to find her Voice Box. (NOTE: I found one, for almost $60.... obviously she is going to remain silent.) Her zipper is broken, so I think that will be the first step, I think I will have to use velcro, as it will be too hard to sew a new zipper in there. I read that you can wash her in the washing machine-- she is a bit grimy so I think I will do that. At the very least I'll give her a lovely bath. I think I remember her original dress but have no idea where it is, hope it will show up. Otherwise she has three dresses, none of which fit her well. She might just have to get more of a wardrobe before she goes home.(NOTE 8/13/16: she's ready to go home. I gave her a bath and new stuffing. Her body still has lots of stains, but at least it is clean. I found a newborn onesie set on sale for $1!! I took in the pants a bit, but the onesie is perfect, only slightly big, just like it would be on a newborn. And I also bought her some booties. I ironed her dresses, and made her a diaper. I found my daughter's doll blanket, and she's all ready to go! Even though my daughter is going to have a BOY any day now and she already has a 2 year old BOY.... I'm sure she'll get some cuddles once in awhile. I figure, this 2 year old wants to be like Daddy... and when Daddy changes Baby's diapers, JP can learn how to change Lucy's. Meanwhile, L. will have some Female in her Masculine household. LOL!!  9/1 note.... she went home!!

These next three are Lapsitter Dolls, also from Fisher Price. From left to right, Jenny, Mary, and Natalie. Natalie was my introduction to the Lapsitters. She has no dress, but she was "free with purchase" at a thrift store. She did have her bonnet, but her skirt was missing. I found a pretty pink flowered fabric to make her a new skirt and maybe a bonnet!(note: new skirt done)

Jenny, Mary, and Natalie Lapsitters
Next was Jenny. She was a bit of a disappointment, she was on Ebay. She unfortunately smelled like she came from a smoking home, she is grimy, her hair was matted, and her stuffing is all settled. I think she was played with (and loved!) a lot. She's going to have to have her stuffing shifted and more done with her hair; she also needs a bath.(note: she got bathed and re stuffed. She looks much happier and smells much better. A night in a ziploc with a dryer sheet really helped.)

Mary came in the mail today, also from Ebay. She was advertised as a My Friend doll and obviously not from a collector. She came with a My Friend Mandy which was a bonus for me. Mandy looks SO familiar to me; I asked my daughter and she said she looked like Lucy, which is why I dug out Lucy and found out what kind of doll she is.Mary was very clean; all she needed was a hair brushing. Now they are sitting on my bookcase shelf. Tempted to try for Elizabeth and Audrey... but do I NEED any
more? Do I need ANY. LOL??

Next is  My Friend Mandy. She is new today, and actually came with two dresses, one hand made. She is pretty clean, and she even has her hat! My plan has been to only do thrift store/yard sale dolls; but...... LOL She came with an extra dress; she needs some bloomers to go with one of them. I have the pattern drafted so far. I just ordered a My Friend Jenny today on ebay (blush) so she'll have a pal. I'm learning more about pattern drafting. I took a class AGES ago and some of it is coming back.

These two are Our Generation dolls. The first one I found at Goodwill for $2.35 and I thought that was a great deal... then I found the second one at a different thrift store for 99 cents! She had grease pencil writing all over her face, but it all came off easily. Both of them had hair you wouldn't believe. See this post.

Anyway they cleaned up nicely. They are currently wearing baby clothes. Daisy (right) has on a remodeled version, cut off and made into a shirt for her. Alejandra (left) has on a onesie that has not been modified yet, and a tiny newborn's sweater-- the onesie was 17 cents and the sweater was $1. Daisy's bracelet was a hair decoration from the Dollar Tree. They both need pants and/or skirts to complete their outfits. I made a lonely pair of shorts that are white with ladybugs but no top yet. One of them will be able to wear that.

Rebecca, AKA Drowsy Doll from Mattel
Back to the dolls of my children's childhood. This is Rebecca. That's what Joel called her. She was originally my daughter's doll, but Joel carried her around so much and took her to bed with him that we eventually just called her Joel's... he would be embarrassed to hear that. LOL

She's from Mattel-- called Drowsy Doll. She had a pull string and said a few phrases. She never had any clothes to put on or take off that I remember, she probably borrowed Lucy's when she needed them. ;) Not sure what I am going to do with her. I'm thinking of making her a shirt and overalls-- maybe for C.

The talking part is long gone on most dolls you can find now on Ebay. She was produced in 1964! So she's more than 50 years old... she has done well. She was a thrift store find back then-- all the kids' dolls were, I don't remember buying any new ones. My poor deprived kids.

Tod-L-Tim and Tod-L-Dee

My doll Kathy is a Tod-L-Dee it turns out. She's from the early 50s. I ordered Tod-L-Tim to complete the set, but he's younger. Kathy is getting hard and darker brown, Tim is still soft and pliable. Still will be fun to have them both. Kathy has a few clothes that my mom made years ago. Tim got a new shirt and pants set that I made from some old clothes. Kathy will get a dress to match Tim's shirt.

Linda Lou from Kellogg's.

I still have some of her clothes. Even though she's taller than Kathy, they shared clothes. They were not made well and most have been mended; some still need mending. If I remember, the doll was $2 and the clothes was 1 or 2 dollars more. I really enjoyed her.

Mary (Posey Saucy Walker)

Mary was my main doll. I remember carrying her everywhere. Her poor face is sticky-- all anyone recommends is to powder her, and don't let little ones play with her. The Plan is to get her clothes all ironed up and just display her. I found a partly done sweater in a thrift store and finished it for her. She's dressed in baby clothes at the moment. She was sitting in my rocking chair, but I gave that to Jasper, so she doesn't know what to do with herself right now. ;)

American Girls from Pleasant Company

A long time ago I found a Molly doll at a thrift store for $5. I haven't done much with her, she has some holes on her body that need some embroidery to cover them... she has most of her original clothes, got her some shoes and made her tights. Got her some glasses too! I have some patterns now to make her clothes.

Recently I got a Samantha. I've been wanting her for a long time. Liv really wanted her; I couldn't justify spending more than $100 on a toy. Some of her friends had more than one American Girl; it just blew my mind at the time, the thought of having such disposable income! We lived paycheck to paycheck and accumulated some credit card debt during those years. Sigh. She's going to stay with me for now, until I make her some more clothes and such. I ordered her some shoes and socks.

Magic Attic Keisha

I love this girl. She's so pretty. She's dressed in lavender overalls and a polka dot shirt. I found a dress pattern that I'm planning on making.

Betsy McCall

I got one of these when I was eight. My mom made her some clothes, but here shoes and socks were long gone. So I ordered her some.

My friend Gene repaired her about 15 or so years ago-- she had a crack in her crotch and her leg was loose. She's all fixed and you would never know she was damaged. She does however need re stringing at the moment. I got the cord but need the courage to do it. I got another Betsy not long ago, she had a damaged foot so she was relatively inexpensive. You can't see it when her shoes are on; she has a tiny black mark on her hand as well. But I didn't get her for her monetary value.

I just purchased fabric and patterns for a dress for each. I don't think they will be dolls to play with, they are too fragile. Fun to dress and display though. My mom made her clothes too. I still have a red dress that my mom made MATCHING ones-- my mom doesn't claim to be a seamstress, but she sure made wonderful doll clothes.


I have a Ginny from childhood. She has a new wig, because hers disintegrated. My mom made clothes for her, but her underwear is long gone. I got her new shoes and socks. Her dress needs a bit of mending. She also has a wonderful Girl Scout Brownie dress my mom made for her. I'd like to try making her a felt brownie hat to go with it. I have a picture of me in my Brownie uniform that would be fun to display her with. I may have to find another Ginny as well. HA! Blonde?

Barbies and Kens

My daughter had quite a few Barbies. I ended up with a few to serve as clothes models. I gave away all but two Barbies and two Kens. They are getting better wardrobes little by little. I've crocheted dresses for each and coats for the Kens. I don't know if I will keep them; but a lot of the clothes either L. or my mom made, they are study. Maybe someday they will be loved again. Meantime they will be in their suitcase.

The Littles

This one is a McDonald's toy
When I  see  tiny dolls, I usually want to grab them. These are no more than six inches tall.
This one is a McDonald's toy. I didn't know that until a minute ago when I got out the magnifying glass to see if she had any marks. Found out that she is the 100th Anniversary Teddy Bear Doll McDonald's Madame Alexander Doll! Her clothes are sewn on. She has bear prints on her skirt and a teddy bear in her pocket.

This little cutie on the left is marked Kids Kore 1995 China. She's wearing a dress from one of my porcelain dolls, she has no clothes of her own.

 This one was in the mud when I moved into a house. She cleaned up well. She doesn't have clothes either!! Those are Barbie's shorts, LOL

I don't know anything about her, other than she has a cabbage patch face, but she's tiny. I haven't seen anything like her anywhere.

Little Lottie

I have two of these, Muddy Puddles Lottie and English Country Garden Lottie. They are cute and look fun to play with. I can't imagine lmaking clothes for them, they are skinnier than Betsy and Ginny! But for some reason I just HAD to have these-- they were half price so RME!! Doubt if I'll get any more, but there's a cute little boy.... sigh...

They do have the same size feet as the Only Hearts Club dolls, so they can trade shoes. English Garden Lottie is wearing some incredibly small and cute sandals that I purchased from Mimi Woo.

Only Hearts Club dolls
Bad Me didn't save packaging. But the dolls I have are Olivia Hope, Katrina Grace, and Lily Rose. I HAD to have the first two because my daughter is Olivia Grace and my sister is Katrina. The third one I got because she is strawberry blonde and freckled and named Lily Rose  (reminding me of Liza Rose) These are also so tiny I can't imagine making their clothes. I think I will just display them sometimes. I think they would be fun for playing, but not for dressing and undressing. They had tons of accessories, but all I have is the dolls, and I think a couple of their dogs.

Olivia Hope
Katrina Grace
Lily Rose

The last one in the littles box is a very jointed Skipper I think.  She says Mattel 1995 on her back, and her clothes have a "genuine Barbie" tag. I have no memory of how I got her. Probably in a bag of Barbies at the thrift store.

The Mediums

Unimax Dolls of all Nations...

These are such beautiful dolls. They have perfect faces and lovely hair that doesn't seem to tangle much. I found these stuck up on a shelf in a teensy thrift shop. No shoes, missing some of their clothes. One I THINK is the Eastern European doll; but she's minus her scarf and apron so I'm not sure. The other is wearing a lovely hand made dress so I have no idea what nation she represents. I like them anyway. I am not positive they are Dolls of All Nations but that's what I think. The striped sock I ordered from Dollspart. Recently I ordered some lacy socks but they aren't going to work for them. They will fit Mandy though!

The sweater was one my mom knitted for Barbie but it turned out way too big. That's why it's good to have dolls of different sizes, right?

Ty Beanie Boppers 

Lucky Lucy was the first one I got, I didn't know what she was, but just that she was cute. I love it when I find a doll to love at the thrift shop. She was missing her jacket though.

Then I got Snazzy Sabrina. She was a thrift store find too.

Lucy in a pink dress not her original outfit
Snazzy Sabrina
Paula Plappertasche was the last one. I got it on ebay and it was disappointing because her jacket was ruined. I had only paid a couple dollars for her though.

Paula Plappertasche without jacket

This one's just a cute rag doll. I have no idea who she's made by at all. She just had a cute face.

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