Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Generation Doll-- Daisy?

I guess it doesn't matter what her name is. She peeked out from under a pile of naked dolls and stuffed toys. Her hair was horrible, but the rest of her looked good, even though her clothes were missing.

Dollar Tree darts cut up for curlers. 
Pretty good condition for $2.25
I figured out she's an Our Generation doll, sold by Target. Her poor hair. Doesn't seem like a good one to play with much if her hair does this. After some TLC she's much better. She has a smudge that I haven't worked on, but her body's fine.  I found some "curlers" at the Dollar Tree, actually they are foam darts that I cut up.

 Good thing hubby likes me to watch TV with him, a lot of the time I don't but I had something to do with my hands so I did. It took several hours of gentle and not so gentle tugging to get all the tangles out. At first she reminded me of an extreme Dyan Cannon. But after her hair was more tame, she started looking like a normal-bodied Paris Hilton.... she's cute anyway.

I went to the OG website and found out that they recommend you just spray with water to detangle and not use any kind of product on her hair. I used a teensy bit of detangler on one section because it was so bad, but then I rinsed it out. Doesn't seem to have damaged anything. I got her hair all set and let it set all night. In the morning I carefully took out the "curlers" and just arranged it with my fingers. There were a couple spots I didn't untangle very well so I carefully wet them and put it back on rollers for a couple hours.

My American Girl is in a suitcase that I can't get to right now so poor Daisy has nothing to wear. Maybe tomorrow. Right now she's feeling pretty spiffy after a bath and new hairdo. Daisy originally comes with ringlet pony tails but right now I'm just going to leave it down.

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