Monday, July 25, 2016

Dolls again

Dolls again. Today I was in a thrift store again, and got another doll. She's an Our Generation Alejandra... she's gorgeous. Should have taken a before picture. Her hair's still a bit wild, but she had writing all over her face, and was marked 99 cents. Turns out she was also 20% off, so I got her for 79 cents. The baby onesie she's wearing cost 17 cents and the sweater was 99 cents. Now she has a few teensy chips in her face but otherwise she's great. Now to cut the onesie into a shirt and shorten the sweater sleeves and make her a skirt or shorts or pants to go with the top.

Daisy has a new dress and a new hairdo. I put it up because I think when she gets played with her hair would immediately tangle. I don't think Alejandra's will do that, it's a different texture. Anyway her onesie is a 3 month size and Alejandra's is a newborn. I just love Alejandra's sweater. Will have to see what else I can find. Love thrift stores. Daisy's bracelet is a hair clip from the Dollar Tree. I got a few thinking I could put new fabric or tape on them. This one goes well with her shirt/dress.

Now to not stay in love with these girls and find them some girls that would love to play with them. Or invite over to play with dolls, LOL

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