Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Dollhouse Now has a Family that is not Bears.

Yes I've been a little bonkers with dolls lately. As for what I create OR collect, I skip around; I might spend a couple weeks on dolls and then I'm off to something else.  I'm going with the flow lately, because things have been a bit dull without Things Going Wrong and I am IMMENSELY glad for that. I am loving Dull.

Anyway I just ordered these through Amazon.

This is the Arshiner Dollhouse Family.

I like them; it took some fussing so they could stand however. Mom easily holds Baby. That's what sold me on this one instead of the other I was looking at, it had a baby. The other one did not. They need a baby!! And I love that they also have Grandma and Grandpa.

I got a pattern for a dollhouse family, these are lovely though and I think whoever ends up playing with the dollhouse will enjoy them. Me too. I might give the dad a bit of a makeover though, his clothes are really loose and they look odd. But they are lovely and casual and look great for playing with instead of just looking at.

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