Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well then! Onward!

FINALLY I am not spending all my time Not Sitting. It has been hard not sewing much and either Standing or Lying Down. I've been exercising, walking and otherwise trying to recover. I am still in pain, but at least it isn't excruciating any more. I got some x rays done to see what these old bones are doing, and he said I have scoliosis! I wonder if that's new?

Anyway. I finished a quilt top, and will be teaching a class using the pattern. It is a simple quilt, but hopeful that SOMEONE will want to make it! Actually, the day it was displayed a woman bought over $100 worth of fabric to make two of them. So the quilt paid for itself already.

It is called Take Five and you're supposed to be able to make it in five hours. Me? I was fighting a sewing machine for control of the 1/4 inch seams. It was winning too much so I ended up ripping. I think if you were sewing on a great machine, turned off your phone, and focused, you could do it. Probably in less time than 5 hours! This is the quilt to make when you really don't want to think about it beyond fabric choice.

Here is a picture of my quilt top. I love the colors. It is bright but kind of dreamy too.

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