Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweet wedding!

Whew... she got married, the dress fit, she looked beautiful. When I agreed to alter it, I didn't know I was going to end up in the hospital, and then have to recover from surgery. But it was finished in plenty of time.

Hallelujah! I am breathing a sigh of relief actually, because it is nerve racking to work on knitted sheer stuff... but it was a great challenge for me, and I'm glad it all worked out. It looks like it fits well, keeps everything together, and a perfect length for walking in the grass.  And what an honor to be able to do this for this sweet girl I knew when she was very small.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

something different

We got a new cooktop finally, we have
been without since April due to screwups with the order and delivery and it took until the middle of July to get it done. Anyway, hubby was concerned with having things (strainers and whisks) hanging up there. So I took them down, but it left the area looking bare and plain. I've been looking for tile decals online but thought about some butterflies that I still had hanging around, so decided maybe I'd put them up. They are probably temporary but they are fun. Five minutes to spark up the back splash. Of course pictures show up all the nicks and oldness of the tiles, plus all the spots I missed. When I actually put up the final decals, I'll have to clean it with alcohol or something. Then I start thinking about alcohol inks and sprays and..... ok calm down, it would just run down the wall. Anyway I'll have fun with the butterflies. Pretend you don't notice the cleaning supplies in the scene. This isn't a professional blog LOL... just me.
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Dolls again

Dolls again. Today I was in a thrift store again, and got another doll. She's an Our Generation Alejandra... she's gorgeous. Should have taken a before picture. Her hair's still a bit wild, but she had writing all over her face, and was marked 99 cents. Turns out she was also 20% off, so I got her for 79 cents. The baby onesie she's wearing cost 17 cents and the sweater was 99 cents. Now she has a few teensy chips in her face but otherwise she's great. Now to cut the onesie into a shirt and shorten the sweater sleeves and make her a skirt or shorts or pants to go with the top.

Daisy has a new dress and a new hairdo. I put it up because I think when she gets played with her hair would immediately tangle. I don't think Alejandra's will do that, it's a different texture. Anyway her onesie is a 3 month size and Alejandra's is a newborn. I just love Alejandra's sweater. Will have to see what else I can find. Love thrift stores. Daisy's bracelet is a hair clip from the Dollar Tree. I got a few thinking I could put new fabric or tape on them. This one goes well with her shirt/dress.

Now to not stay in love with these girls and find them some girls that would love to play with them. Or invite over to play with dolls, LOL

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Sunday, July 3, 2016


This little one was mine when I was little. Her hair fell apart years ago and she spend quite a few years bald. Ten years or so ago, I got her a wig-- braided like hers was. Since I've been doing doll hair lately I thought I'd try something new. Using this idea, I set her hair with the same rollers as I used on Daisy. It might end up re-braided, but it's worth a try.

Will post results tomorrow.

Wellll.... not much difference. I think I need to use smaller "rollers". She doesn't look bad with her hair just down but I'll keep experimenting.

The dress she is wearing my mom made. It needs a bit of TLC. I downloaded a pattern to make her more clothes. Now to Do. It.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Dollhouse Now has a Family that is not Bears.

Yes I've been a little bonkers with dolls lately. As for what I create OR collect, I skip around; I might spend a couple weeks on dolls and then I'm off to something else.  I'm going with the flow lately, because things have been a bit dull without Things Going Wrong and I am IMMENSELY glad for that. I am loving Dull.

Anyway I just ordered these through Amazon.

This is the Arshiner Dollhouse Family.

I like them; it took some fussing so they could stand however. Mom easily holds Baby. That's what sold me on this one instead of the other I was looking at, it had a baby. The other one did not. They need a baby!! And I love that they also have Grandma and Grandpa.

I got a pattern for a dollhouse family, these are lovely though and I think whoever ends up playing with the dollhouse will enjoy them. Me too. I might give the dad a bit of a makeover though, his clothes are really loose and they look odd. But they are lovely and casual and look great for playing with instead of just looking at.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Generation Doll-- Daisy?

I guess it doesn't matter what her name is. She peeked out from under a pile of naked dolls and stuffed toys. Her hair was horrible, but the rest of her looked good, even though her clothes were missing.

Dollar Tree darts cut up for curlers. 
Pretty good condition for $2.25
I figured out she's an Our Generation doll, sold by Target. Her poor hair. Doesn't seem like a good one to play with much if her hair does this. After some TLC she's much better. She has a smudge that I haven't worked on, but her body's fine.  I found some "curlers" at the Dollar Tree, actually they are foam darts that I cut up.

 Good thing hubby likes me to watch TV with him, a lot of the time I don't but I had something to do with my hands so I did. It took several hours of gentle and not so gentle tugging to get all the tangles out. At first she reminded me of an extreme Dyan Cannon. But after her hair was more tame, she started looking like a normal-bodied Paris Hilton.... she's cute anyway.

I went to the OG website and found out that they recommend you just spray with water to detangle and not use any kind of product on her hair. I used a teensy bit of detangler on one section because it was so bad, but then I rinsed it out. Doesn't seem to have damaged anything. I got her hair all set and let it set all night. In the morning I carefully took out the "curlers" and just arranged it with my fingers. There were a couple spots I didn't untangle very well so I carefully wet them and put it back on rollers for a couple hours.

My American Girl is in a suitcase that I can't get to right now so poor Daisy has nothing to wear. Maybe tomorrow. Right now she's feeling pretty spiffy after a bath and new hairdo. Daisy originally comes with ringlet pony tails but right now I'm just going to leave it down.

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