Sunday, December 19, 2010

lovelies and unlovelies

Cookie baking. My delight and my sorrow. The peanut butter chocolate chip ones yesterday were gorgeous and tasty. I used my pampered chef scoop and made them all the same size; they were perfect-- slightly crispy, but mainly soft and chewy. Yum!!!
Then today. I made anise jam bars, which I have made before, but it has been years and years. I faintly remembered doing something a bit differently, but I couldn't remember what, so I just followed the recipe. They taste lovely and buttery, but they crumbled at the touch of a spatula. So who knows what I did.
I think that I am not exactly the cookie baking grandma, and I shouldn't try to be. And if I do, I should stick to the sturdy cookies, I think that's what the kids like best anyway, they could care less about the dainty buttery things.
I'm not sorry there's not a picture; they were just a sorry lot of cookies, they are mostly a pile of crumbles, with a very few that are presentable enough for the neighbors. Tasty crumbles they are though, I might have to make some pudding and pretend that I crumbled them on purpose for the topping. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

card of the day

This one is a card that was sent to ME a long time ago by a good friend. She was one of the inspirations for me to even start making cards! She would be surprised to know that I saved the cards that she made because it meant a lot that she did that just for me. She has been a great buddy for a lot of years and hope for years to come. Our kids grew up in the same church, and schools. They are all grown ups now... we're grandmas...time flies by. We don't live as close as we used to, we both moved away and started over again. But we still see each other occasionally and hope we continue to "do lunch" when we can.

This reminds me of when I made my own paper. Ought to do that again, it was fun.

Thanks Lorna for the friendship, the inspiration, and the encouragement you are to me. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Card of the day-- Pooh

I did this background a long time ago when experimenting with watercolor washes-- this one was sprinkled with salt. I like how it affects the watercolor. Probably can't see it much but it is great for balloons. And no my printing isn't as perfect as a stamp would be... so what. It looks hand made. Well it is. :)

I've been thinking about that a lot. Although I love Gina K's clean precise look and Tim Holtz' grunge look, I am neither.... I am just me. My style varies from day to day-- I just do what I feel like. And that's all there is to it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

While the kids are away, the egrets will play...

Going down the street past the skate park, no kids but there was a whole flock of egrets!! I rarely see them in town. Kind of fun though.... click on the picture and zoom in and you will see them. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flutterby butterfly

Not a Christmassy post at all. I figure if they aren't done by now, they aren't getting done, LOL... at least for me.
A while ago I sent a card to Angie and she wanted to know how I did it. It dawned on me that I never told her.

I started with a circle, mine is about 3 1/2 inches. I cut it in half off-center (mine I cut at about 2 inches) . I then pleated each half as tiny as I could, fold in half, and put them together, back to back. I sewed through the middle of them with buttonhole thread starting from the top, came back the other way, tied it and then left the threads long for antennae. then I spread them out, and there you are. Fasten down-- I used glue if I remember right!

I like to use what I have-- and someone gave me a bunch of wallpaper samples. I figure cards are not kept forever, so "archival" is not really important. It has been fun to use. Some have larger pictures on them that i have cut out and used for focal images. The tiny prints worked best for me.

Anybody have any favorite recycling or unusual things they use in card making?

Angie, hope you are feeling well enough to do this!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Card of the Day-- gatefold Christmas tree

My initial thought was to put aside card making for December and focus on other stuff. But first of course I had to finish December's birthday cards, and maybe do a Christmas card or two even though I am not planning on sending them out this year. :( I still wanted to thank those who sent them, and then of course there was a challenge that caught my eye, and before you know it, I am thinking, put aside card making for January... but then there are those January birthdays, and people get sick, and need sympathy.... so then I thought, maybe just make a series of cards quick and easy... and any way you put it, I just can't seem to put it aside. Maybe there is something else I can put aside? How about eating, I need to lose some weight...

Originally I was making this for the Christmas card swap. Then I thought, there was that 12 embellishments challenge over on Gina K designs... and then I could send it for the Christmas swap, and maybe enter it in the gatefold challenge... but then I discovered the gatefold challenge is really a swap.... so I have to decide which swap to send it to and make another either gatefold or Christmas card.

And so life goes. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Card of the Day-- gecko

One of my goals was to do a card a day. Simple things, maybe. This one is a paper casting-- started last night, let it dry all night. Then this morning I spent TWO HOURS on the background and the casting. I used Michael Strong's Cloisonne gecko stamp. There are tutorials out there, google "paper casting" and you will see. I used toilet paper, but you can use tissue paper too. The background is distress inks: peeled paint, wild honey, and broken china. I rubbed the gecko on peeled paint to highlight and distressed the edges.

So if I do a card a day it will have to be simpler than this one, LOL

I finally ordered a spellbinder's tag die. So when it comes I think I might have to do the tag over again.... ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Finally!! It is now in my daughter's possession. happy birthday sweet daughter Olivia!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost finished....

not quite, I'm still embroidering its label.... made for Olivia by her mother....
I am SO EXCITED that it is almost finished.... last night, my mom and I finished the hand sewing... doing a happy hop.... can't put a picture up until Liv gets it, as soon as possible...hopefully not too long after her birthday, which is Tuesday. I fixed my mom's sewing machine in exchange for being able to use it. I was hoping to take "it" to Liv today, but it was raining so hard, and it would have been an extra hour and a half of driving, and I didn't want to come home in the stormy dark. Good thing, because my windshield wiper broke on the way home and I shudder to think of me driving on the freeway in the rain without a wiper. And because I forgot to take the embroidery floss with me to my mom's, I am doing a marathon embroidery session tonight.
So now have I given enough hints so anyone knows what "it" is?

Monday, November 1, 2010

paper addiction

Paper, rubber stamps, clear stamps, embellishments, markers, pencils, ink... they all leave me weak in the knees, LOL. But this set of stamps by Melanie Muenchinger is absolutely breathtaking!! I can imagine all sorts of beautiful cards and layouts. This set is being introduced tonight on Gina K Design's site... Here is a link to Melanie's blog:

My favorite set out of the ones that Melanie has designed is "Gifts from the Sea". I can just see a set of cards made from her stamps. I often do sets of cards for Christmas presents and this would be perfect for my mother in law. I am also very partial to butterflies, and there's a border with them....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

card set

Made a card set today. Got the template for the box from Gina K Designs.... find it here.
Her idea was for pictures until you get them ready for scrapbooking. I like that idea too-- but have been trying to figure out what to do to sell sets of cards. The cards inside all have the same colors and graphics, although they are slightly different. It is an image painted with perfect pearls. The scalloped square is made with nestabilities.
I got a Martha Stewart scoring board. Although I liked the Scor-pal and Scor-buddy, I liked the way this one was grooved every 1/8 inch instead of somewhat randomly. This box was simple with Gina's instructions and Martha's board... only took me a couple minutes. And doing the cards assembly line style made them go quickly. I usually only do ONE card at a time and rarely do two the same, but I figured for a set it might be nice to do them the same. Although, each card layout is slightly different! Can't stand not doing "unique" stuff.
I have some transparency sheets that I am going to try to make a box with. I am thinking that for card sets it would be easier than decorating each one. Who knows where I am going with this...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tina Gilliland's blog

I've never entered a contest for blog candy before but I ran across this blog:

The trouble with going to blogs for ideas is... I get ideas! Then I covet things. Like Copic markers, and a Score Pal or Buddy, or GinaK Designs card stock... or her lovely stamp sets... or Tim Holtz' masks... and on and on, LOL.

Then I start thinking realistically, how can I sell more cards to fund my crafting habit? LOL

I like Tina's blog. I especially loved the Country Thanks card. Of course, the blue caught my eye, and the flowers. I love both. And I love GinaK stamps-- she has wonderful designers, and her stamps are such great quality. The little pocket card is cute too, and I just might have to do one...

Tina's cards are clean and crisp... unlike mine which tend to be a bit messy-ish. Still trying to find my "style" I guess. Thanks Tina-- and thanks Karen for sharing a link to her blog on the making greeting cards yahoo group.

Friday, September 24, 2010


more cards. I do not celebrate Halloween, but people do, and I was making birthday cards for my grandson so I made a few more. The first one was with some Mickey Mouse paper I got ages ago, in a pad, and had never used. I then actually bought some paper at Memories for the Making, a scrapbooking store near me. There are NO rubber stamp stores here that I know of... you can get some at WalMart or if you want to go to Stockton, there is Michael's, and on the other side of the freeway, JoAnn... some time I am going to have to go to Sacramento and see what I can see. Guess I'll have to take Lorna, I think she will know where places are. She knows everything... :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

kitty marathon

busy card making. Got a request for twelve kitty cards. At first I wanted to give up but knew the challenge would be good for me.

I keep feeling like I need so much more practice. I think my cards look messy. Then I see Tim Holtz' stuff, and it looks messy, so maybe I should just go that direction, and call it "distressed". LOL
When I started making cards, they were clear bright colors and simple. I really enjoy just grabbing whatever and coming up with things. I could have made the job simpler by making them all the same, but I couldn't decide, so I just kept doing different ones. Hope she likes them!! That's the catch, I always think that nobody is really going to like my creations anyway so why bother... but I am coming to see that the PROCESS is the important part for me, I need to create... and I'll just let whomever like whatever and keep what I like and toss the rest. At least it's paper and not gold I'm creating with; although with gold one can just melt it down... :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I might like this

Browns are not usually my "thing" and neither is distressed. So this is my absolutely first card that is distressed, and browns. I used a cuttlebug folder for the background and inked only the raised part and not solidly. The stamp is one I've had for ages I think Stampendous. The ribbon is from the Dollar Tree. My cards still look like a 6 year old made them. Well not ALL of them.
After awhile I've started to like the card, anyway. Hope my son and dear DIL like it, it's for their birthdays, and the inside says "happy birthdays to you".

I think for me I love the process and am not always pleased with the final. I need to practice more. I go for what I want and not copying others, and then I judge by comparisons. Silly me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

perfect pearls

Since I had a 50% off coupon and a gift certificate for Michael's, I got some Perfect Pearls by Ranger. This is my first attempt. I took a piece of card stock embossed with a texture using my Cuttlebug, then dabbed the Perfect Medium all over and swirled different colors of powder around. You can't of course see the shimmer. Then I stamped a Michael Strong image and painted it with the Perfect Pearls.

I feel like such a beginner! I've done simple stamps and cards for ages but rarely gone beyond my comfort zone (embossing, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.) and branched out to different techniques. I like the Alcohol inks (also from Ranger) but I'm not great at it yet. I love the effect of painting with the Perfect Pearls. This card needs a little something more, I think a tiny spray of pearls in that bow. It is much prettier in person. I did some other pictures, but the trouble is, you can't see its shiny goodness from a scanner. :(

Friday, April 9, 2010

catching up

(my poor kitty after surgery...)
It's been awhile since I even thought about this blog. Lots of things going on other than making things!

This morning I found a site that I think will be really useful... it's called The Stitching Cow. It's based in Australia, but it is epatterns so it might not matter. I haven't tried to order anything yet but am enjoying the ideas and may get brave enough to try ordering. There's a link to a currency converter so it's a maybe. I love the stuff though. I've had fun browsing, and I got the free stitchery pattern for a mini quilt, so there you go.

I'm making good progress finding my dining room table. When I am stressed I clutter worse. So I am playing catch up now. I used to just get mad at myself but lately I've been just telling myself, stop beating yourself up, and just clean up after yourself now. LOL... My reward of course for having the area all cleaned up and no clutter is making that mini quilt!! It will be good to sew again. I've been reluctant because the last time I sewed the kitty ate thread and ended up in the hospital so I am going to have to be SUPER TIDY with my thread. It makes me nervous even to think about. Now that summer is approaching and she will be spending more outside time, I think I can have my machine set up, throw her out the door, SEW for a couple hours and clean up before she gets back. And vacuum a LOT. I won't really throw her, she bounds out quite nicely all by herself. ;)

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