Sunday, September 12, 2010

kitty marathon

busy card making. Got a request for twelve kitty cards. At first I wanted to give up but knew the challenge would be good for me.

I keep feeling like I need so much more practice. I think my cards look messy. Then I see Tim Holtz' stuff, and it looks messy, so maybe I should just go that direction, and call it "distressed". LOL
When I started making cards, they were clear bright colors and simple. I really enjoy just grabbing whatever and coming up with things. I could have made the job simpler by making them all the same, but I couldn't decide, so I just kept doing different ones. Hope she likes them!! That's the catch, I always think that nobody is really going to like my creations anyway so why bother... but I am coming to see that the PROCESS is the important part for me, I need to create... and I'll just let whomever like whatever and keep what I like and toss the rest. At least it's paper and not gold I'm creating with; although with gold one can just melt it down... :)

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