Saturday, January 28, 2012


trying to make a purse. I know it will be cute. But I am getting hung up on making it... Sometimes I think that using a pattern and someone else's idea is best because then it doesn't involve making decisions, you just go with whatever "they" say.
This is a really simple pattern that I designed years ago, when I was making tapestry purses. It was flat, with a rope handle. Silky rope. Lovely. And fringe on the edge.
So I am trying to adapt it to a little girl's quilted purse. I think I am overthinking. Put a gusset? Sew it flat? What kind of handle? How will I fasten on the handle? Should I use D rings so it will be adjustable or just guess?

Sigh. Too many decisions. But I HAVE TO GET IT DONE because the 9 year old's party is TOMORROW and I can't procrastinate any longer.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It may not seem like much of a milestone... take two pieces of fleece, put together right sides together, sew around, leaving a hole for turning, turn it right side out, sew opening together by hand, topstitch all around... but it was the first time I allowed myself to sew since the Cat Incident. Sad but true. But the Fear has been Conquered... and ALL THE THREAD was picked up, and poor kitty spent the time in the back hallway since I can't trust her not to eat thread.
It's not a keepsake blanket. It is designed to be used... carried around by the corner and dragged in the dirt. Washed a lot. Eventually tossed in the garbage.
It's designed to be LOVED!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

no sewing. grr..

well no sewing got done. Planning for tomorrow. Hoping for tomorrow. Praying. Did take down the tree and put it outside. Was exhausted by the time I finished.  This looks like a tiny tree but it really is in the background. I love the lights and am glad I took lots of pictures.


(goalie) goalkeeper: the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal.

I seem to have goalies too. Things that keep me from reaching my goals. Such as... silly excuses. I haven't been able to find my sewing machine cord. So I brought over my mother in law's machine so I could work.

Nada. Nothing done.   ???????  what's up with that??

What are the goalies here.... computer, definitely. I end up on facebook, playing games, or blogging, LOL, but not sewing. Even good stuff, like cleaning. Baking. Cooking. Getting the Kitchen Cleaned. All good, all necessary. But WHAT ABOUT SEWING?

Thinking I am going to have to be tricky to outsmart all the goalies. It can even be persimmon bread.... it's calling me. Why do I have such resistance to sewing? I'm afraid of leaving just one little thread that the cat would eat and then it would be disaster again. But there is such a thing as a door.... to put the cat on the other side of. Also, I have a vacuum cleaner, that would clean up any residue. Still, I hesitate. But how is Gwen going to get her purse by her birthday if it doesn't get done??

Oh, kitty....... Just like a lot of things in life (cars, for instance, which have spent lots of $$$ in the shop lately) there is a love-hate thing going on with the cat. It is so lovely (sadly, so rare) to sit with a warm kitty in my lap. This one will turn on you if you don't pet her Properly and it isn't always clear what that is.

Back to the sewing. Since I am writing this down, I expect myself to at least get SOME of it done within the next hour. At the very least, get it all ready and cut out and gathered. so........ timer set. GO!!!

And watch out, you goalies..

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