Tuesday, March 29, 2016

flowers.... I'm not creating them I just enjoy them!

well. Spring has sprung. Beautiful flowers are everywhere.

I'm loving to see them all in my yard and in other people's yards as well as "out in the country" where
it is all naturally arranged.

My roses are going crazy too. Beautiful pinks and yellows.

Geraniums. Snapdragons. That wild oxalis that took over the fern garden.

The hydrangea is in full leaf and waiting for blossoms.

The amaryllis is budding. Those were my dad's. He had such a green thumb.

One of my rose bushes is in trouble. Here is a picture of one of the roses. It looks like many buds all in one spot. I don't know what the trouble is. This bush always has problems with discolored edges on the roses and bugs love it. This one shows no bugs-- but it is sure deformed. Hoping that I can post it here and do a "search for this image" and figure it out.

Found out that it is called "bullheading". It is caused by low temps during flower production. Nothing to do but cut off the uglies and hope the next flush of roses is fine.

So ya learn somethin every day.

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