Sunday, July 26, 2009


more sweet creations-- peach jam. Didn't cut up the fruit enough, it floated. It has been so long since I made jam I didn't remember that. But it is sure tasty. We also got a shaved ice machine, and have been experimenting with sugar free or sugar reduced syrups for it. I like it best with orange juice, but we needed more variety.

This week is my last week on the job. Planning some creating time next week! Wednesday and Friday this week are the winding down time. I have closets to clean, laundry to do, catching up. Then maybe creating will be more easily accomplished.

This week I bought a teensy baby doll at Target, she's only 8 inches. She's dressed in a plain jammie and hat combo. The plan is to dress her, make her a blanket, and give her to my husband's grand-niece for her baby. Maybe a quilt, maybe something knit or crocheted. I'm thinking about a tiny ribbed hat; I've done both knit and crocheted, just have to sit down and experiment. I have some cotton verigated yarn that I've been using to make wash cloths and have bits left. Might work.

My husband's mom will be a great-great grandmother any day now! Pretty exciting. So far the mom is doing fine, she's due next week.

Craftiness has been on the back burner. Moving it up to the front.


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