Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Card of the Day-- gatefold Christmas tree

My initial thought was to put aside card making for December and focus on other stuff. But first of course I had to finish December's birthday cards, and maybe do a Christmas card or two even though I am not planning on sending them out this year. :( I still wanted to thank those who sent them, and then of course there was a challenge that caught my eye, and before you know it, I am thinking, put aside card making for January... but then there are those January birthdays, and people get sick, and need sympathy.... so then I thought, maybe just make a series of cards quick and easy... and any way you put it, I just can't seem to put it aside. Maybe there is something else I can put aside? How about eating, I need to lose some weight...

Originally I was making this for the Christmas card swap. Then I thought, there was that 12 embellishments challenge over on Gina K designs... and then I could send it for the Christmas swap, and maybe enter it in the gatefold challenge... but then I discovered the gatefold challenge is really a swap.... so I have to decide which swap to send it to and make another either gatefold or Christmas card.

And so life goes. :)

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