Sunday, December 19, 2010

lovelies and unlovelies

Cookie baking. My delight and my sorrow. The peanut butter chocolate chip ones yesterday were gorgeous and tasty. I used my pampered chef scoop and made them all the same size; they were perfect-- slightly crispy, but mainly soft and chewy. Yum!!!
Then today. I made anise jam bars, which I have made before, but it has been years and years. I faintly remembered doing something a bit differently, but I couldn't remember what, so I just followed the recipe. They taste lovely and buttery, but they crumbled at the touch of a spatula. So who knows what I did.
I think that I am not exactly the cookie baking grandma, and I shouldn't try to be. And if I do, I should stick to the sturdy cookies, I think that's what the kids like best anyway, they could care less about the dainty buttery things.
I'm not sorry there's not a picture; they were just a sorry lot of cookies, they are mostly a pile of crumbles, with a very few that are presentable enough for the neighbors. Tasty crumbles they are though, I might have to make some pudding and pretend that I crumbled them on purpose for the topping. :)

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