Sunday, January 16, 2011

distressed valentines...

Making Valentines for my daughter's shop today. I was watching Gina K Designs video, on distressed newsprint. I wanted some more "masculine" cards than the really sweet pink and brown ones I had been making. So I distressed newsprint. The first one is newspaper, and the second one is actually a page print I got from The Vintage Moth. I printed it 4x6 and trimmed it, then distressed it using Gina's method. The sentiment on the first one I got from .
The flower on the second card is from Susan Winget. I bought a pack of pre cut images at Michael's, lazy girl that I am sometimes. Most of them are sort of fall-ish colors, and I will love using them.

Hopefully Valentine's Day isn't distressing for everyone... my daughter calls it "Single Awareness Day"... but I'm going to use it as an excuse to spread a little love around, to more than just my sweetie.

To see some of the rest of the valentines I have been making today, see the album here.

Going to make some more tomorrow. It took me half the day today to actually get in the mood to do it, but once I got going, ideas kept coming. Still think my cards look sort of amateurish, but hey that's what I am. Practice, practice.

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sassyb07 said...

both cards are wonderful!

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