Monday, January 31, 2011

even different creating

I seem to follow many roads. Today I was helping my mother in law with her family history. It was really odd, because as I looked up one of HER relatives, I found her ( in a tree called "Butler Family Tree" which is odd because that is my first husband's name. Even odder is that I ran across people in that Butler tree with a Spiegel in it that also had some familiar names from the Mills family tree, MY family. I know we are all related not that far back but it's strange to run across it in three families, that as far as I knew were not related at all... hmm.. No I am not going to pursue it, just to find someone that may be my 7th cousin and also my husbands 8th cousin and also my ex husband's 5th cousin.

I don't want to know that badly. :) I just want the Spiegels today.

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Donna said...

What an interesting concept, Lindy. I have a cousin who loves genealogy and he has kept the family up to date with all of that. He goes to Germany ever so often to see that branch of our family. If I had the time I think I would try something like this too. It is very interesting and such a small world!

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