Friday, January 21, 2011

Bella's birthday

Eight year olds are different than they were when I was eight. I was running around skating, climbing trees, and playing with dolls. At birthdays, I got dolls, coloring books, books, and little girl things.
Bella's eight. Her party invitation is red and black. The theme is "Eclipse"... now I've never watched that, but from the previews it seemed rather more grown up than eight. Bella even has a "boyfriend" according to her mom... I don't remember being interested in boys at that age. Kids seem to grow up so much faster now.

I started this card after I watched another Gina K demo... and of course since I don't have the spellbinders circle dies, I had to make do... and since I was making valentines, I thought maybe red would be good. Of course when I was finished it didn't fit on a standard card. So I did a large folded card stock card instead.

When I started to make Bella's card, I was going to go pink and girly... but then I remembered this frame I had made, and I thought it would be instead of a valentine, it's a birthday card...

So here's the card... I like the way the border turned out. Image from The Vintage Moth again... I love that site. The sentiment is computer generated.

Hope Bella likes it!!


sassyb07 said...

what a beautiful card Lindy, I love the red frame you used...
hugs, Valerie

Lindy said...

thanks, Valerie! I just had to try that when I saw Gina's demo. thanks for the comment! Linda

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