Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost finished....

not quite, I'm still embroidering its label.... made for Olivia by her mother....
I am SO EXCITED that it is almost finished.... last night, my mom and I finished the hand sewing... doing a happy hop.... can't put a picture up until Liv gets it, as soon as possible...hopefully not too long after her birthday, which is Tuesday. I fixed my mom's sewing machine in exchange for being able to use it. I was hoping to take "it" to Liv today, but it was raining so hard, and it would have been an extra hour and a half of driving, and I didn't want to come home in the stormy dark. Good thing, because my windshield wiper broke on the way home and I shudder to think of me driving on the freeway in the rain without a wiper. And because I forgot to take the embroidery floss with me to my mom's, I am doing a marathon embroidery session tonight.
So now have I given enough hints so anyone knows what "it" is?

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