Monday, November 19, 2012


Molly is an American Girl doll that I found at Salvation army for about $5.00. My daughter always wanted an American Girl, but I could never justify $100-$150 for a doll. Too late now for her... but I bought Molly anyway, because... well, because. That was several years ago, and I made her some tights, and that's all.
I was talking with a co worker and mentioned making doll clothes, and she wanted me to make some American Girl clothes for her. So I did. Pajamas, and a blanket, and a pillow.

Wish the colors showed up more, but this is just a phone shot. The fabric was a little scrap, it's apples that look appliqued. I just embroidered it a little more and it actually looks appliqued.

The pink (also the backing) is a piece of old curtain, and the binding was also a scrap. Found the batting in a bag in my mother in law's closet. It always makes me feel good to make something out of nothing. And the binding isn't perfect, and the border pulled a little when I sewed it, and it isn't perfectly rectangular. OH WELL.

The jammies are from an abandoned nightgown project that was also in the closet with the batting, and I wondered why it was abandoned. As I sewed with the fabric I knew why! It can't be pressed, it is a wrinkled-on-purpose fabric, and loosely woven, and slippery. But I persevered, and although it was a little frustrating somehow that makes the victory of completion sweeter.

Molly is enjoying them, even though she knows they are not hers, she is proudly modeling them, and even took a little nap. Doesn't she look comfy?

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