Saturday, November 22, 2008

God's Lovelies

I am blessed. I live in a quiet town, have great neighbors. I have several jobs to juggle, it's a good challenge. I have friends here, some new and some old (from 4th grade!). God has given me much.

Studying a lot about quilters and quilting until I don't know if I ever want to know more. But the myriad of talented people amaze me. I see their intricately pieced quilts and detailed quilting and am speechless.

Tonight I was driving when the sun was setting. What a glorious sight! If a painter would paint such glory, we might think it was not natural. Even a photo wouldn't do it justice.

And it wasn't the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. It was actually rather ordinary. God's ordinary is way more gorgeous than mere humans could ever think up. Although God has given us humans much talent, and wonderful expressions of beauty, He has us beat for sure.

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