Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am so EXCITED!!

For a long long time, I've wanted to scan some slides I have. We even bought a special scanner to do the job, but it took so long it was very discouraging. Today I was trying to scan some using these instructions:

but for some reason my scanner would only scan black and white. Frustrating. Today, I read an idea to use a high-quality digital camera and take a picture with it backlit. I thought, how about holding it up to a white place on the computer screen? and although all I have is a Canon power shot, I tried it....

and guess what, IT WORKED!!
It took a bit of experimenting to figure out how close to hold it, and I think I will set up some kind of thing to hold it while I shoot, but this way I can do a lot more than the scanner that takes forever.... so yes I am excited!! So is my mother in law, who owns a TON of slides. We're going to have to be choosy. But this picture is so good... :)


Lindy said...

and so I checked all the scanner settings, and scanned a picture, and it was in color. But the slide would only scan black and white... oh well. This is going to work well. Now to fix a gizmo to position the slides so I don't have to adjust each one. Putting it against the screen doesn't work, it has to be a couple inches away. So far, I am just holding them.

Karen said...

Isnt it cool when you find a solution to a preplexing problem???
So did you figure a way to hold the slide away from the monitor?
How about those picture holders thats all the rage now it. You know the one where the picture slides into some kind of spirally thing and sits on the desk.
Or maybe take one of those long pom pom holders that has the claw at the end that holds the pom pom that you use for chalking and stick it in a styrafoam block.

Lindy said...

thanks Karen!! I've been trying to think of something. I like the picture holder thing. Good idea!! Now to get back to the project! Does ADD sound about right?? I am so scattered lately. Like my whole life, LOL

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