Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 days of getting your art on...

Traci Bunkers 30 days of Getting Your Art On..
So now this will be quite a challenge considering just how busy I have been. But I sure want to do this. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up, but I will try my best, and know that I probably won't finish much in one day. But hey it doesn't matter, the satisfaction is in the creating isn't it?

Tomorrow is September first. I have two grandchildren due January-February. So far I have made a blanket for each of the six grandchildren I have so far. Tomorrow may consist of gathering materials for those quilts. I doubt if I will have the time to sew on them. But this is good motivation to keep on going and not give up on my art. It's been tough the last few months, so much going on.

So even if I am the only one following this journey, let it begin!!!


Karen said...

Yeah your getting your art on too! I will be on the side lines cheering you on!

Ps pictures count... so if you dont tell anybody you didnt take the picture that day then hey you got your art on LOL

Lindy said...

well my life is beyond crazy. Trying to hold it together is tough. So don't think I can even do this. At the moment I don't even think I can do ANY of what I have to do. LOL So I will get my art on somehow. How about refinishing a chair?? I think so. I will take a before picture. oh it is in bad shape. Good idea. Thanks for the cheering on. I surely need it!!!

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