Saturday, January 2, 2016

it's a New Year and all.....

so happy new year.....

This is so often a time for Resolutions. I don't have any. I have hopes, but these last few years have been so full of injuries and deaths and surgeries I know that I am going to leave them at hopes and be thankful for whatever IS and not bummed at what IS NOT.

That said. I did finish my afghan. Except for the weavings of ends. I've been using it on my bed and it is SO warm and toasty. I usually don't make things for myself but you know, I'm worth it too. LOL

So even though the year was crazy and half my time was spent with my parents, sitting by hospital beds--and I don't do well knitting or crocheting while sitting there-- I finished all but 2 of my UFO's and started and finished quite a few small projects as well as The Afghan. And I've decided that if I don't find my sock pattern by the end of January, they will be repurposed into maybe some mittens or something.

I did start a doll sweater that isn't finished. It is challenging to say the least. I ended up having to order needles online because I couldn't find them. We no longer have a yarn shop here, and the only place you can get yarn, fabric or notions is WalMart. When I get to go to a JoAnn or Michael's it's great. I think it's probably better that way since I am indeed a Fabriholic, not so much with yarn, but texture and color just suck me in.

So my hopes for the year.

I liked this from Petals to Picots.... for me it's for all crafty stuff, not only yarn. (parentheses for my added thoughts)

1. Only buy yarn (fabric, paper, or whatever!) when I have a pattern (or project) picked for it and I know nothing in my stash will work
2. Finish one project before beginning another (actually I have two categories. One for the In The Car project and one for those requiring more focus)
3. Find a project to use up all my orphan yarn (I love crocheted afghans for this-- I can do them in the car)
4. Learn a new skill... perhaps hairpin lace (for me, choose a little bit more challenging pattern-- or a new printmaking/painting/stamping/journaling skill)
5. Organize my stash (for me, my stash is pretty organized, except fabric. GO ME!)
6. Experiment with new color combinations (for me, in my painting and printmaking)

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my crafting this last year, since there were so many stress making situations. I tried some new things, made several knit and crochet items, did some art journaling, and got myself a coloring book. My hope for the new year is to be able to spend more sewing time. I wanted to make more doll clothes for K. in Kentucky but didn't end up being able to. Well it doesn't have to be for Christmas, right?

So I'm taking a big deep breath and 2016 here I come.... even though I know that one of the first things I am going to be doing is spending a few weeks with my mom while she recovers from surgery. Maybe I can fix her sewing machine... or take mine.

I can do this.

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