Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Even though in recent years the rainbow has been "adopted" by different groups, they are still among my favorite things. At my last job, I had crystals hanging in my window, and often, the office would be filled with rainbows. When that job ended I hung them in the kitchen window-- but the sun doesn't hit that window. Recently, I hung them in my "spare room" (or whatever we're calling it!) and lo and behold, RAINBOWS!! I have been enjoying them very much.

So here's a bit of a rainbow, just for whoever might read this.

And here's the source of the rainbow, well, not exactly the source, but maybe the reason. I love rainbows because God used a rainbow to tell Noah that the storm was over. A reminder to me, that whatever storm I am going through, God knows its beginnings, and its endings...
And, I love rainbows because they are beautiful. I love them dancing around the room. Just because.

Speaking of rainbows, remembering rainbows from a long time ago....

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