Friday, November 25, 2011


I remember a friend in high school who always signed his name with photog. at the end. I have no idea if he ever became a professional photographer, but I remember admiring him carrying around a camera trying to get that Perfect Picture. I carry around a camera, because I have this urge to capture things in pictures.

Recently I found out that I was not as successful as I thought at keeping my kitty out of the kitchen windowsill.

Also recently, I discovered that Google has a photo editing software called picnik

Here both discoveries have been documented... I like it and I don't. I like the pic, but not the fact that I am still buffaloed by a silly kitty who likes to get on the windowsill and eat my plants.

Back to the drawing board, as it were.


Karen said...

I know what you mean about silly kittys. I have decided to move the litter box and he is being a stubborn butt about it. He is now doing the naughty on everything but in the box. I know he knows where it is cause I locked him in the room with it once time I knew he had to go... the goof ball walks around meowing like his tail is on fire. Anyway if the dog can find it the cat certainly can LOL

Lindy said...

well I have a love-hate relationship with this kitty. She gets into EVERYTHING... tonight I brought home my mother in law's sewing machine. But I'm really gonna have to clean up after myself... do NOT want a surgery repeat.

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