Monday, December 26, 2011

nosing about...

nose at 2 PM
I got a growing nose for Christmas. You know, a silly stocking gift. Just what I needed. As if my nose wasn't perfect just as it is. According to the package, it will grow 600%. So to please dear hubby we put it in water to see what happens. Then we saw that it will take about 72 hours to grow... and will keep growing for a week or more!

So in the interest of Nose Growing, I will post pictures of its progress. It even says that when you take it out of the water it will gradually shrink back to its original size!! Isn't this exciting?  ummm... thanks, Santa. 
The Next Morning the Nose looks about the same. I wonder if we could hasten the process by boiling... heh heh... just wondering. Of course it was freezing in my kitchen last night so that is what triggered that thought ..
nose is aging... 9 pm.. Hour 7.

okay.... (drum roll) ready for a picture of the fully grown growing nose??
The question is.... is it worth it? 
Yes and no. If you want a nose that grows in water, it's the perfect thing. If you are expecting true 600% growth, I think you will be disappointed.

Judge for yourself! You can get growing noses at the Dollar Tree, or I've even seen them on Amazon.

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Karen said...

well jeez I did not get a growing nose for Christmas. Makes my bike look silly. I am so jealous!

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