Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life as Told by Recipes...

Going through my mother in law's recipe file boxes. Yes, boxes! I realized as I was looking that this is a little piece of her life. She always said she wasn't a good cook even though she made DELICIOUS food! The reason, she said, was she always used other people's recipes. Who doesn't?  I never considered myself a good cook, and the reason was I don't follow recipes well! She was a wonderful cook, and always had the best collection of cookies for her neighbors, grandchildren, great grandchildren-- and whoever stopped by was asked if they would like some cookies and tea, coffee, or milk. Or fruit or vegetables, but that's another story.

She was blessed with friends. Her box has recipes from Audrey, Joy, Aunt Oletha, Violet, Fran. Some are in their own handwriting, or typed on an old typewriter. Little pieces of friendships that spanned decades. She lived in the same house for more than sixty years. Some of those friends were also friends of my mother's, some became friends of mine. I also heard the old stories of the Times Gone By. When my mother in law slipped into dementia, those friends became more real to her, and she talked of them often. I even became "Audrey" one day when she thought I was her. The present faded away, but the past stayed.

Those friends are gone now, and so is my mother in law. What a treasure of friendship they had! I can't help but imagine a Heavenly place, where I can see them sitting around the kitchen table, sharing life, swapping recipes. And maybe some of that wonderful zucchini bread.

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