Monday, August 3, 2015


well. Life sidetracks us all the time, I guess. My mom has been in the hospital for a couple weeks... therefore, I am not creating much. I did make another infinity scarf and a potholder. Both are made out of cotton yarn that I bought because I liked the colors. With the potholder, I couldn't really remember the pattern, so  I started by chaining 35 and then it was too big so I ripped it out and did 25 and it was too small so I ripped it again.. I settled on 30 and then when it came time to fold it the other way I didn't like the way it looked so I just made it bigger and into a square. I thought it looked interesting this way. I don't really need another potholder but there it is. I made the other into an infinity scarf because I was wearing a shirt this yarn will match well. LOL.... I didn't know what I wanted to do but I wanted to have something to do when just sitting there either waiting for the doctor to come in or watching my mom sleeping. I couldn't concentrate much though. I kept thinking about how I lost my father just four months ago. and how often when couples are together so long the second one often dies just after the first one. I know my mom is grieving intensely... but I am not ready to lose her yet.

But Mom's better, she'll be out of the hospital on Friday, I will stay with her a few days and then hopefully home. It's crazy because time goes so slowly at the hospital but *poof* a whole month is just gone. And in the end, it is not in my power to keep my mom... she is after all 90. and we will just see what happens from here. Always I return to "one day at a time" because that is indeed all we have... and leave the rest to God.
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