Monday, September 7, 2015

single crochet afghan progress....

Today I crocheted a lot. I was just sitting here like a lump, so I figured I should get something done in the process.

I'm still kind of stumped by that Middle Bedroom.

So hopefully I can tackle it tomorrow with some boxes and a car to take whatever I can stand to over to Goodwill. I'm pretty discouraged about it... but.... My goal is to fill the car and the garbage can. More likely I will be able to tackle a couple boxes. Such pessimistic attitude...again hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Sigh.

Anyway here's a better shot of the afghan and I hope you can see the effect. It kind of looks like watercolor shades to me. I hope I still like it when I am done. One thing I did was stop rolling the yarn into big balls, I just attached a new skein when the old ran out. That way I don't have three changing colors at the same time.

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