Sunday, May 22, 2016

rock collection

This picture isn't all of the rocks, by any means... my mom says I used to pick up rocks wherever I went and I kept all I could get away with keeping. I had many boxes of rocks hidden away.

 In seventh grade, I did a science project with my rocks. The grandfather of my across-the-street neighbors was a rock hound, and I had the privilege of spending time with him, learning about the rocks he had gathered and identifying the ones I had. He even gave me samples! I still have the petrified fish, some agate pieces, and a couple of geodes he gave me, and even a few tiny industrial diamonds as well as the beautiful specimen of pahoehoe!

Before Camanche Reservoir was there, a different neighbor took us gold panning and I still have a teesy tube with flakes of gold. Not worth much, I'm afraid!

I'm still at the rock collecting. Usually though I buy them where I go, since you cannot now legally collect rocks in national parks. I'm always fascinated with those pretty dyed pebbles, even though I know they are not naturally those colors.

My daughter in law added to my collection with a beautiful piece of jasper.

I have a display on the top of the bookcase, and a case of them as well... and some scattered around here somewhere, either in boxes or on display. That's another collection that doesn't get downsized.


This was from Bryce Canyon gift shop. You can't see the glorious
orange color very well.

a river rock with someone
in the hole.

this one is a beautiful green.

This isn't as pretty as most geodes, but
it just split without cutting
from Mr. Isbill

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