Saturday, June 27, 2009

Delightful plummy jam

Finished the plum jam-- now the figs are starting to ripen. Brought home green beans, a cucumber, more plums, and cherries. What a treasure my mother in law is-- still gardening.

This blog was only going to be handicrafts, LOL and it is turning into ANYTHING I have made. That's because all the produce is keeping me hopping. Liv's quilt is ready for the binding, but haven't had time to sew it on. Today was M's second birthday, so we went to the party. Can you imagine this: I have two stepsons. My stepsons have 2 cousins. Son 1 has 2 boys. Son 2 has 3 boys. Nephew 1 has 4 girls. Nephew 2 has 2 boys. Ten of these little ones are six and under! I think it is so great that they all get together and want to encourage it. But that is a LOT of parties! Difficult to draw the line. More for me to make! I better get busy.

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