Monday, April 4, 2011

keeping up with myself...

It is hard to keep up with myself. I can't get enough of painting/stamping/carving lately. Originally I wanted to order gelatos, but the price stopped me, and I kept thinking, why do I keep wanting all this STUFF when what I need to do is figure out how to do it with something else?? So Michael's came up with this video about Slick Stix, which are made for kids. About $4 for a pack of 5 of them. Has kind of the texture of lipstick... I spritzed the stamp lightly with water and colored right on it. With some experimenting I'll come up with what I like.
I also used a couple stamps from GinaK's "botanicals" set and I love the look. So maybe tomorrow I will take some time and make a few cards.

Hard to compare with gelato results because 1) not the same stamp and 2)never used gelatos. LOL


Karen said...

I really like the look. I gotta find those. Jeez I was gonna clean house today. Well never mind that LOL.

Karen said...

i got an email my stamp has been shipped. Have you got your email that it has been shipped too?

Lindy said...

You really are a kindred spirit, LOL... too bad we live way across the country from each other. Or maybe we would get into too much trouble together, LOL the chores would never get done. Not that they do now. ;)

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