Saturday, April 2, 2011

greeting cards...

Well for better or for worse, here's the first card I did with my hand carved peacock feather. I used my Colorbox rainbow ink pad that I have had for YEARS and it is amazingly still usable. I printed the lowest ones then masked them and went up the page. I am not too satisfied but I could spend DAYS trying to be "perfect"... so there you are.
Since I am just beginning to learn about carving, I can see there is a ton to learn. First, what is the best thing to carve. I got some linoleum for carving, but for stamps it is too hard. This eraser is a bit too soft. I found that when pressing down if I put an acrylic block on the top I got more of an even impression. Otherwise, the eraser bends and you get a lot of background.

This is fun though. Here's the second card, no focal image yet, but I like it better. As usual, p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e... and like when I took piano lessons, I just wanted to DO it and not have to practice. Also as the piano lessons, the more I practiced, the more I could just DO it. LOL will I learn?

Now, of course, I will have to either get or carve a peacock head, because that's what I visualize there in the middle of the bottom. ;)


Auntie Em said...

Love your hand carved stamps and the card is beautiful! I have tried some handcarving of stamps, but since I am a clutz it's not really a good hobby for me!(Owww!) Anyway, I liked using a very hard white eraser. It makes your work unique! Can't wait to see more of your handiwork!

I am glad you stopped by my blog and left me the story. I laughed at that one (I grew up on a farm so I got it!)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Karen said...

Hey have you ever used these.
I havent used this brand but I have used something similiar. they cost more then the lino so I usually usse the lino. They are much easier to use the linoleum but probably stronger then erasers. I only used them once I made the palmetto tree block print. Have you seen the stamp making machine. I want one. Its only 169.00. Might as well be a zillion when you dont have a job.

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