Wednesday, March 25, 2015

keeping clean

Spent the last two weeks at my parents' home. I HAVE to keep my hands busy or I go crazy. I read a bunch of books and crocheted a lot of wash cloths. Usually at least two a day. I got a book at WalMart, Crochet Stitch Guide by Jean Leinhauser and Mary Ann Frits. I'm learning a lot, and making wash cloths helps me learn and practice new stuff. I am pleased with the results. Although maybe I should have made a sampler afghan.

Unfortunately now it is just my mom's home. My father died while I was there. I can't fathom life without him in it... but I am glad his suffering in this life is over. And now those washcloths are helping me deal with the grief, just keep those hands busy. I've learned a few patterns that I could do in my sleep! Then of course I have to figure out what to do with them.... L {squared} might sell them. Or I'll donate them to the Rag Quilters. Or give some away.
this looks hard but is easy. Basically, you skip one ch and dc, then go back and dc in the skipped ch. For this one, every other row is sc.

sc 3, ch 3, skip 3 ch, 3 dc. 

twisted stitch, like above, but twists every row. 

four tied together for a gift.
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