Tuesday, April 5, 2016

my kind of beauty...

Took a drive... how lovely the green of April in the California foothills! Saw this field of teensy lupine, had to stop and take a better look. It's on 49, between Plymouth and Placerville. I drive this road very often, usually several times a month. When I lived "up the hill" I drove it almost daily, sometimes twice, taking kids to school and then picking them up to go home. 
Those were certainly busy times. Having four teen agers in my home was, well, interesting. My oldest was out on his own, my second son was home schooling. My other four kids each went to a different school! If they rode the bus, it would be an hour and a half ONE WAY. So I often took them and picked them up. 

Every time I am out in "the country" my body and soul relax. Another Ahhh.... moment. I love just hearing the sounds of nature. Of course in a car it is harder. But the smells!! The pine trees. Sometimes cedar trees, or lupine, or other sweet sweet smells. Even skunk smells are nostalgic. Yes I'm pretty odd. 

Maybe someday I will get to live in nature. Meantime, I will enjoy the redwoods in my back yard, and the spot that I am carving out as a refuge.... a place in The City that I can fill with plants and birds and butterflies.... 

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