Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I sure am goofy. I flit from thing to thing. I got a new phone, and found an app I had forgotten about, Recipes. It is unfortunately obsolete. I thought I had quite a few recipes on there but there is a very odd assortment. So I started another blog for recipes, here:   Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Doesn't that have a catchy name? Anyway I've got part of them in there. The whole purpose is to be able to access them on my phone. SO I HOPE IT WORKS. So far I see that the main tags are Cookies, Dessert, and whew Main Dish. A Balanced Diet. Sure.
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just a crafty grandma experimenting with all sorts of things. My main interests are paper craft of any kind and quilting/sewing. But I've done leatherwork, polymer clay, on-the-wheel pottery, painted molded ceramics, papier mache, stained glass, plaster casting, linoleum printing, paper making... you name it, I've probably tried it. A few I actually stuck with. :)